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How To Make Corn On The Cob In The Oven – No Shucking Mess!


{a repost from the archives}

I DO NOT like the mess of shucking corn. At all.  

It is not a fun job, and I think I was traumatized as a kid once when husking corn.  I vividly remember sitting at my Aunt Susie’s house with my cousins, outside in their back yard on a picnic table.  We were sitting on the table itself, feet on the bench, husking corn.  We had brown paper grocery sacks to catch the mess, and I loved getting to help my  Aunt with dinner preparations.  That is, until I opened up a piece of corn & a big fat worm nestled in a bed of silk, greeted me.  I threw the piece far away from me, jumped off the table & squealed, much to the delight of my cousins.

I have not seen a worm in my corn since, and I have husked many a corn!


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This ‘steam in the husks while in the oven’ way to make corn is by far my favorite way to make corn.  It is fool-proof, fast, and mess free.  The steaming process makes the silk super limp, so once the corn cools a bit and you husk it, they come right off!  So much better than husking before cooking the corn!

 The only prep you have to do is cut off the tassel part of the corn. Be careful not to cut too far down into the corn, as you want the husks to envelop the corn in order to steam it while it roasts.

Place on a cookie sheet, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Let sit a few minutes before removing husks and be careful.  There is steam in there.  Cool enough to handle comfortably, husk and enjoy!

Oven Roasted Corn On The Cob
courtesy of Tyler Florence on Food 911

4-6 ears of corn

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Cut off tassel part of the corn, making sure you do not cut too far down into the corn, as you want the husks to envelop the corn in order to steam it.  Roast for 30 minutes.  Let cool slightly.  Peel down the husks, can use as a handle to eat the corn.

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A Delicious, Simple 3 Day Cleanse

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kaeng Raeng for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this cleanse. Kaeng Raeng is the first cleanse I have done that I KNOW I will use again & again. I’d like use it at least twice a year, if not every 3 months.

What is Kaeng Raeng? It is an all natural, vegan, gluten-free meal replacement cleanse program. Kaeng Raeng in Thai means “be healthy, be strong.” Despite it’s Thai name, Kaeng Raeng is 100% made in the USA.

Why I loved it?

1. It is truly all natural. All natural REALLY means all natural with Kaeng Raeng.  All of the ingredients in Kaeng Raeng shakes are familiar and easy to pronounce and all come from the earth, including vitamins which are derived from fruits and plants.  There is nothing in these shakes that is made in a lab.  There are no fillers, chemicals or preservatives.

2. It is made from real, fruit.  Not fruit flavors.   The fruit is picked and freeze-dried for preservation, then ground to a powder form.  The fruit is purchased locally in California which keeps a low-carbon footprint and keeps costs low.  The farmers Kaeng Raeng work with grow their fruit organically.  I love that there is no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

3. Fiber from plants The fiber in Kaeng Raeng is made from indigestible vegetable seed, safe for daily use.  Fiber is great in a meal replacement shake because it fills you up without adding additional calories.  It also keeps blood sugar levels stable.  This was huge for me, as I have had problems in the past with juice cleanses bringing on low blood sugar issues.  I did great on this cleanse and never felt weak or light-headed.  It was actually the opposite. I felt strong, full and energized.

4. Protein from plants Kaeng Raeng uses pea protein, my personal favorite type of protein. This pea protein is non-gmo.  That makes me happy!

5. Vitamins from plants Most of the vitamins in Kaeng Raeng come from fruit, but they also add 100%natural  vitamins that come from guava, lemon, sesbania, alma, and basil.  I had to look a few of those up to even know what they were! Most companies use vitamins that are synthetic and cheap to produce, which has been a very frustrating thing for me when searching for cleanses.

6. Probiotics I was happy enough with this shake knowing it had plant protein, plant fiber and vitamins, but the added benefit of probiotics pleasantly surprised me.  They really thought of everything and made the cleansing process convenient, safe and as beneficial as possible.  Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help to regulate and speed up digestion through the intestines and colon. Kaeng Raeng uses only non-dairy derived probiotic cultures.

7. It is not a fast.   You are allowed to eat as many raw fruits and veggies as you want.  I loved this.  So often with cleanses there are such strict rules involved that you feel set up for failure.  I also personally get really bored with just one type of texture for long periods of time, so I really loved that this cleanse allows for food.  I love plant food and found ways to manipulate plant food to provide all of the variety of texture my palate desired.

8. Adequate calories Each serving has fewer than 230 calories.  The recommended amount of servings to consume is 3 a day, which would provide 100% of your daily vitamin needs, including protein.  I personally could only consume 2 shakes a day, as they are incredibly filling, but I know I got enough nutrition each day as I also ate plenty of raw fruits and veggies.  I feel like this is the healthiest way to cleanse, as it is low-calorie, but not restrictive. There are different levels of cleansing, and I used the 3 day beginner cleanse.  You can take this quiz to know what level is good for you.


So why do I think cleansing is an important thing to do occasionally?

Removes Toxins–toxins come in all forms, from chemicals in the foods we eat, medication, the environment, products we put on our body..especially women who use lots of beauty products.

From the Kaeng Raeng Website:

Your body can consume all natural ingredients easily, healthfully separating fiber and nutrients, and passing waste through your colon cleanly. When you consume additives, chemicals, toxins, and other processed foods, your digestive system cannot properly separate the healthy from the non healthy components of the food. Many times, these toxins will not pass through your colon properly, sometimes building up over days, weeks, months, or years. Kaeng Raeng works to “flush” all of those toxins by using all natural fibers and water to help eliminate that colon build up. Further, Kaeng Raeng is a restricted diet whereby you are abstaining from cooked, processed, heavily sugary or salted foods. By removing these foods from your diet, even for a short period of time, your body will naturally release toxic build up through the digestive system and skin. While challenging at first, your body will adapt to the raw vegan diet. During any cleanse, it is imperative to drink plenty of water to ensure a smooth cleanse. Never drink a cleanse product that has artificial ingredients as these counteract the benefits of detoxing.

Beauty from the inside out–cleansing reduces bloating, clears skin & makes it glow, even gives hair a healthy shine.

Jumpstart weigh loss— when properly conducted, cleansing can really help with weight loss.  I am on cancer meds that put me into a chemical menopause, and one of the side effects of this is an extra 15 lbs.  No matter how healthy I eat, my scale has not budged for months, until this cleanse that is!  In 3 days on Kaeng Raeng, I lost 4 pounds.  The waist of my jeans are comfortable again and I am so happy about that!  Kaeng Raeng is not recommended as way to lose weight quickly, but weight loss is great added benefit.

Reduce sugar cravings –this is a huge reason I do cleansing, and a side effect of cleansing that is most noticeable for me.  Right before I started this cleanse, I was on a weekend soccer tournament road trip with my Todd and Avery.  I love to snack while traveling and we did our share on this little getaway.  I came home with the worse sugar cravings after indulging all weekend.  Now that I am finished with day 3 of my cleanse, the cravings are gone.  They actually were gone by day 2, replaced with cravings for plant foods.


 photo 19cb5908-74b9-4767-a73b-2a8718115754_zps1418597f.jpg

Here is how my cleanse went:

Food day 1:

‘Daybreak’ shake

Black Coffee

Raw green beans (afternoon snack)

Raw Almonds (evening snack)

‘Into the Blue’ shake

I started with Daybreak shake, which is their mango/peach/pineapple shake. I mixed it with almond milk and water.  When I took my first taste, I felt like I tasted vitamins.  I dumped the mixture into my blender and added 1/2 banana and a handful of frozen mango chunks.  Mmmmm….now we are talking.  That made it delicious.  Kaeng Raeng site has more Recipes if you want some more ideas of fun things to add to their shakes, but I kept things pretty simple during my cleanse.

I kept drinking coffee during my cleanse.  I kept it to one cup a day and drank it black.  No lattes! Kaeng Raeng website recommends no coffee, but if a must have they say to keep it to one cup a day. I didn’t want to deal with a caffeine headache, and I figured coffee beans are plants…ha!  Do you like how I find a way to keep my coffee?  My coffee beans were organic and I highly recommend if you do keep drinking coffee keep it to one cup a day and NO CREAMER or SUGAR.  Keep things pure.

I was super surprised at how filling the shake was.  I passed lunch and still was sipping on my shake.  It makes 24-36 oz depending on how much liquid and frozen fruit you add, so that took me awhile to drink.  They also advise you to keep your water intake up to keep constipation at bay, which could be an issue due to all the fiber in the shakes.  It was not for me, as long as I kept drinking water. Needless to say, it is a lot of drinking.  I did not feel hungry until around 1 in the afternoon, and even then I was not  really hungry, just in the mood to crunch on something.  I ate some raw green beans.  I did sprinkle them with a bit of seasoning salt.

I made ‘Into The Blue’ shake for dinner. It is their blueberry/banana shake. I added a handful of frozen blueberries and it was yummy.  I drank it at dinner time and again felt full.  I had a handful of raw nuts before bed.

Food day 2:

‘Joyful’ shake

Black Coffee

Raw Kale Salad

‘Into the Blue’ Shake

Red pepper slices

Cucumber slices

Yellow Squash / Tomato Sauce


I woke up with a bit of a headache.  This is pretty typical when detoxing.  You may have some physical symptoms the first day or two, headache, body ache or stomach ache…depending on how toxic your body is.  This is called the Herxheimer Reaction, which explains why sometimes a healing crisis occurs, where you feel worse before you feel better.  Mine was very small and passed the minute I got some shake in my belly.

I made the ‘Joyful’ shake for breakfast, which is their strawberry/raspberry/pineapple shake.  I added 1/2 frozen banana and a handful of frozen strawberries.  This one is my favorite.  It was really enjoyable and sweet.

My local coop has a deli that makes a great raw kale salad so I had about 1/2 cup of this for lunch.  Again, I was not really hungry, just wanted something to munch on. Late afternoon I made the ‘Into the Blue’ shake.  I was still sipping on it during dinner.  I made my family spaghetti.  I used my spiralizer to make raw yellow squash noodles, put some tomato sauce on them and they were delish!

Before bed I had a handful of raw almonds, some red pepper slices, and some cucumber slices. My digestive system got moving this day.  It was regular but impressive.  There is no laxative effect with this cleanse.  That is all I will say about that!

Food day 3:

Black Coffee

‘Daybreak’ shake

Yellow Squash / Tomato Sauce

Raw almonds & sunflower seeds

‘Joyful’ shake

BIG raw salad

Confession: A slice of pizza

Day 3 started out with the ‘Daybreak’ shake.  This time I decided to use less liquid.  24 oz instead of 36.  It made the shake thicker and I liked it better as it was easier to drink quickly. I added 1/2 frozen banana and blended it.

For lunch I had leftover spiralized yellow squash, and followed it with an afternoon snack of raw sunflower seeds.

For dinner, I made the ‘Joyful’ strawberry shake with 1/2 banana and some frozen mango.  I drank over half of this, made myself a large green salad topped with lemon juice and hummus,

then…confession time….I ended my dinner with a slice of pizza.  I know, I know…not the best way to end the cleanse, but it was family night and I just couldn’t resist.  I did not allow myself to eat the pizza until I had my shake and green salad, which kept me from gorging on pizza.  I recommend eating pizza on a full stomach, as a small piece is fulfilling and delicious!

It is recommended to ease off the cleanse slowly.  Eating pizza like I did is not the best idea, although it did not make me feel sick.  I do think it would have been better for my body to start slow with some cooked vegetables and grains.

I’m excited to have 3 packets left of shakes since I could only fit in 2 a day instead of 3.  I will continue this great cleanse for 3 more days, having a shake for breakfast, a raw plant meal for lunch and a sensible plant-based dinner.  No sugar or processed foods. No meat or dairy. No alcohol.

If you can’t tell already, I am super happy with this cleanse.  My skin looks glowy and clear, my jeans fit, my stomach is not bloated, and my digestion is great.  I don’t have any sugar cravings and I’m craving healthful plant foods.  I never was hungry and other than the headache and a bit low energy on day one, I felt amazing the rest of the time.  I loved knowing I was getting all the protein, fiber and vitamins I needed, and it has really motivated me to continue to take great care of my body and be conscious of what I put in it.




What about you?   Have you ever done a cleanse?  What did you like about it?  What did you not like about it?  Would you consider Kaeng Raeng cleanse for your next cleanse?   Leave a comment and tell me why YOU want to try a vegan cleanse and it will automatically enter you in our Kaeng Raeng  3-Day Beginner program giveaway.  For an optional entry, like Kaeng Raeng on Facebook 

If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase Kaeng Raeng on Amazon, at www.kaengraeng.comand Select Whole Foods Markets. Users can leave a review with their experience on and receive a coupon for 15% off their next order


Can’t wait? use code: NewNostalgia15 {Exp. 6/20/14}



•Due to the calorie constricted nature of the cleanse, I do not recommend KR for pregnant women or women who are nursing. There is nothing in KR that will harm a pregnant woman or her baby, so it is fine to be used as a meal replacement. However, as a cleanse program, it is calorie constricted and not recommended for pregnant women or nursing moms.

•Kaeng Raeng is not intended for children.

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DIY Coconut Butter


{by Teniel Moore-Raw Foods Contributor}
Who doesn’t love coconut butter? It Is rich, decadent & delicious.

Are you one of those people spending a fortune on gourmet brand coconut butter?  Then let me show you how you can save yourself a fortune and make your own in under a minute or so for under $4.00!
All you are going to need is a high speed blender
3 cups of dried coconut (or more– this will make approximately 1 cup of coconut butter.)
~Pour at least 3 cups of dried coconut into your high speed blender
~Turn on and start blending. My vitamix blends it down in 30 sec on high speed. 
~Then turn it off for about 20 sec to rest and blend it again for another 30 sec.
Done! Its that easy. Depending on how good your blender is what will determine the time it takes to get the consistency you like. Make sure to give your blender a little rest in between if you feel like its struggling a bit.
Now you can pour your coconut butter into a cute little glass bottle and store in the fridge or in your cupboard depending on how hot it is at your place.

Or… you can do what I love to do and pour it into cute little chocolate moulds and keep them in the freezer. I eat them striaght from the freezer, just like a little white chocolate treat.

No guilt, all I’m eating is coconut. Delicious, good- for- you healthy fat. Remember, good-quality healthy fats are nothing to be afraid of. 
Coconut butter can be used to spread on toast or pancakes or add to your cooking. 

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Spiralize Your Vegetables

We have had so much fun with our Vegetable Spiralizer!  We have had it now for almost a year and I can’t tell you how it has transformed the way we eat raw veggies around here.

So often kids won’t eat vegetables because of the shape and texture, so what better way to get them munching than by changing the shape and even the texture of the vegetable?


I recently made a fun, spiralized vegetable lunch for my girls.  I spiralized carrots, sweet potatoes, and cucumber.  I cut up some strawberries and made a quick egg salad for egg salad sandwiches.

I even reheated some beans from our dinner the night before.  We try to eat the rainbow as much as possible, to get in as many phytonutrients and antioxidants as possible, and this colorful lunch had us doing just that.

My Avery loved that I made a fun face for her lunch, it brought on the smiles.

Eating vegetables in their raw state is much more healthful than cooked– in most cases.  I have found that certain vegetables are more appealing for my kids palate if they are in fun shapes and set out in bowls, ready to eat.


Leftover spiralized veggies are great on salads or in wraps.


You can turn raw zucchini into pasta.  Top with tomato sauce.


The back of the box shows you the many ways you can use the spiralizer.  It is really easy to use and super easy to clean.

My sweet friend Erin from Home With The Boys recently put a picture up on her Instagram that caught my eye.  She has the same spiralizer and turned her sweet potato into spirals.
She then tossed them in a little olive oil, sprinkled a bit of salt, and baked at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes, or until brown and crispy.
They looked delicious! The above is the ‘before’ picture. We have spiralized our sweet potatoes and eaten them raw, but have yet to try them baked.
I plan on doing it this weekend! Erin has lots of awesome ideas, so take a look at her great blog. She is an inspiration to me & I love knowing her…you will too!


What do you think?  Does this appeal to you?  Do you think your kids would get into making their veggies spin and spiral?  If you are interested in getting your own, use this link and I will get a small percentage for passing it on to you.

Want a way to save all of those great veggies? Take a look at this post where I share our favorite way to store vegetables using a lidded vegetable platter.


Fighting Colds With Homemade Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve just started drinking this amazing tea a couple of months ago, during a cleanse/detox week.  It has quickly become one of my favorites.
I recently served it to my daughter who has been fighting a cold.  She loved it.  It tastes like a special lemonade and was super soothing to her sore throat.
We all know lemon and honey both have health benefits, but did you know ginger is full many many benefits?
Here are 7 of the top benefits of ginger:
1. Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.
2. Ginger clears the “microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time.
3. If you chew on ginger, it will help with nausea and airsickness.
4. Got a tummy ache?  Eat some ginger.
5. Joints giving you trouble?  Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can bring relief.
6. If it is cold outside, ginger tea has warming benefits.
7. Rid throat and nose congestion by drinking ginger tea!
My favorite way to make Honey Lemon Ginger Tea:
~Cut some organic ginger root into 1/4′ slices (no need to peel)
~Keep slices in a small mason jar in the freezer
~When you are ready for some tea, squeeze 2 wedges of lemon into the tea cup.
~Add the wedge itself into the cup for the added benefits of the oils from the lemon skin.
~Add 2 slices of ginger.
~Heat water in the tea kettle.
~Pour hot water over ginger and lemon.
~Add 1 tsp or more of honey until desired sweetness.
All of this is to taste.  Add more or less ginger.  Same with lemon. I steep for a good 5 minutes.
It is that easy!
My favorite teacup and electric tea kettle make this process very easy!  The electric tea kettle heats water up in minutes and keeps it hot for hours.  The tea cup has its own saucer, strainer, and a lid to keep it hot or to set the strainer in when steeping is done.  I LOVE this cup!
The second way we are fighting colds around here is with my favorite new toy.  It is the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55  and I am so thankful for it!  I have set it up in my daughter’s room to keep her room purified as she fights her cold.  I have also moved it into the living area at the end of the day to help keep germs at bay so the rest of us don’t get sick.
When her cold is over, I will move it into her sister, Colsie’s room.  We had a couple warmer days last week and it was just enough to trigger her allergies.  She wakes up pretty congested.  I am hopeful that the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55 will help keep the allergens out of the air while she sleeps.
A few reasons why I love the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55 air purifier:
~it is ultraquiet
~it automatically monitors the indoor quality of air and adjusts the fan accordingly
~no more stuffy noses and sore throats when waking up
~uses a true HEPA filter, which removes 99.9% of airborne particles, including germs, viruses, allergens, dust, mold, pollen, ragweed, pet dander, and cigarette smoke.
~the LED lights on the machine clearly let you know what the machine is up to…when it is purifying and when it is done, or when the filter needs to be changed.
~it is portable.  I can move it from on daughter’s room to another.
~it is sleek-looking.  I do not find it obtrusive.
~it is easy to find.  You can buy the Fellowes AeraMax technology at  Prices start at $189.99.
~it not only works for cold and flu season but helps my girls allergy and asthma during allergy season.
What are your favorite ways to stay well during cold and flu season?
Have you ever considered an air purifier?

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How To Establish a Balance Between Healthy Recipes and Non-Healthy Recipes For The Family

A Reader Question:
I can’t help but notice all the healthy things you post about and pin, and yet perusing through your pinterest pages I see that you aren’t shy about ‘non-healthy’ recipes as well.  I am starting to try to eat clean but am wanting to find a balance where I can still go on Pinterest and not have to shy away from everything I see and being able to bake with my kids and actually have them enjoy the finished product, etc.  How do you establish this balance for yourself and your family?

My Answer:
Great question!  We save the fun, unhealthy recipes for our Friday Family nights and for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.  On normal days, we still have some sweets, but they are made with healthy ingredients, like the Apple Pie Bites I just posted.  Most of the time the sweetest thing in the house is frozen or fresh fruit which is great, because then the kids will grab it and eat it!  I work very hard at not having junk in the house during the week, but then always make sure we have a treat on the weekend.

Expanded Answer:
We love food around here, so I make a point of finding a balance between healthy eating and less healthy eating.  I feel good about the fact that we eat very healthy during the week, but then indulge on the weekends or during special occasions.  It is amazing how often special occasions come about, so believe me, my kids are not deprived.  If anything they appreciate food and have a healthy understanding of food that is nourishing and food that is not. They also are aware of how good healthy food makes them feel and how crappy they feel after eating too many sweets….not that it stops them from indulging but it makes them appreciate the necessity of good, nourishing food.

I think key to eating clean and healthy is to know what you are eating.  You are already winning the battle if you are eating from home and making things homemade.  This eliminates fast food & processed foods, artificial flavors and colors, and chemical ingredients that are next to impossible to pronounce.
Another key is finding sweet recipes that have ingredients that are profitable for the body and health.  Below are a few great examples, and my Vegan Desserts board on Pinterest has a bunch more ideas.

Our Favorite Healthy Snacks

Lastly, get your kids involved in the cooking and baking process.  Explain to them why honey is better than processed white sugar, and why whole wheat flour is better than white flour.  Get them used to making recipes with wholesome ingredients and talk about what each of those ingredients will do for the body–i.e. nuts…they have lots of protein that help build strong muscles and give energy!  
My girls are so used to cooking in a mindful manner that this Thanksgiving my 10 year old was appalled at how much sugar we used to make a Cranberry Cake.  It was 1 1/2 cups, and I love that she noticed that it was not the way we usually bake treats.  We also made Potato Casserole and she had NO IDEA what cream of chicken soup was.  I never buy it, and she just couldn’t understand why anyone would want creamed chicken! Then I told her it was really just flavored like chicken, which she very dramatically responded “eww!”  It was a good example to me of how much our eating habits have changed over the years.  A few years ago just about every dinner I made had cream of ‘something’ soup in it…and cheese…and sour cream…and butter.  
Our Not So Healthy Favorite Snacks

Funky Fritos – we make these once a year during football season

I think a balance is important, and I am very comfortable with how we have chosen to eat in our family.  If you are trying to change your family’s eating habits, take it a little at a time, explain why you are making each change as you do, and be patient.  They will eventually adjust and might just start to appreciate mindful, healthy eating.

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How To Have A Friend Over For Lunch Without Cooking Or Baking

I’m slowly getting my energy back after 2 surgeries, but not so much energy that you will find me cooking and baking up a storm in my kitchen just yet!  Thankfully, I have a great little market super close to my home.  It is a little health food co-op grocer and they have a small deli in the back where they sell amazing homemade wraps, salads, etc.
I often use their food to help make entertaining a breeze.  I love that they use ingredients that I would use here at home.  They have lots of vegetarian, vegan & gluten free choices, so no matter who my company is, I can usually find something good for us to munch on from my local co-op.  

Recently I had a friend over for lunch.  It took no time at all to set out a nice little lunch that tasted homemade.  I stopped over at the co-op grocer, picked up a few things, and within minutes had my table set and ready to serve my sweet friend.

I kept the cost down by splitting the wrap in two.  The cake and granola bar is made there at the grocer and are only 99 cents each.  I got a salad mix, some organic corn chips, salsa that is made fresh by the grocer which is to die for, some curry quinoa & chickpea salad, & a couple kiwis.

I peeled a couple of clementines and tossed them into the salad mix along with slivered honey almonds and dried cranberries.
This huge burrito wrap was a little over 3 bucks and was plenty filling for the both of us.
Banana cake with cream cheese frosting & a granola bar cut in half for dessert.  Perfect to eat with coffee!  I bought one piece of cake and one bar and cut them in half.

 Pretty is important…or at least it is fun!! Put food on pretty platters, add a little lemon to the water.  Throw on a pot of coffee and make sure to have some cute napkins on hand to brighten up the table.

 So easy, very delicious!  My friend and I had a great time catching up over lunch & I know she felt loved and cared for by the food I fed her.

{Don’t forget to PIN IT!}

Do you ever buy pre-made food instead of making everything yourself?

What foods do you like to throw onto platters and pass as homemade?

Do you admit to your company that you didn’t make it?    I do, as I like to show people that it is easy to entertain without spending hours in the kitchen.  PLUS, the food is always so good that I always get asked for the recipe, so I might as well fess up ahead of time!  Ha!!