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How To Have A Friend Over For Lunch Without Cooking Or Baking

I’m slowly getting my energy back after 2 surgeries, but not so much energy that you will find me cooking and baking up a storm in my kitchen just yet!  Thankfully, I have a great little market super close to my home.  It is a little health food co-op grocer and they have a small deli in the back where they sell amazing homemade wraps, salads, etc.
I often use their food to help make entertaining a breeze.  I love that they use ingredients that I would use here at home.  They have lots of vegetarian, vegan & gluten free choices, so no matter who my company is, I can usually find something good for us to munch on from my local co-op.  

Recently I had a friend over for lunch.  It took no time at all to set out a nice little lunch that tasted homemade.  I stopped over at the co-op grocer, picked up a few things, and within minutes had my table set and ready to serve my sweet friend.

I kept the cost down by splitting the wrap in two.  The cake and granola bar is made there at the grocer and are only 99 cents each.  I got a salad mix, some organic corn chips, salsa that is made fresh by the grocer which is to die for, some curry quinoa & chickpea salad, & a couple kiwis.

I peeled a couple of clementines and tossed them into the salad mix along with slivered honey almonds and dried cranberries.
This huge burrito wrap was a little over 3 bucks and was plenty filling for the both of us.
Banana cake with cream cheese frosting & a granola bar cut in half for dessert.  Perfect to eat with coffee!  I bought one piece of cake and one bar and cut them in half.

 Pretty is important…or at least it is fun!! Put food on pretty platters, add a little lemon to the water.  Throw on a pot of coffee and make sure to have some cute napkins on hand to brighten up the table.

 So easy, very delicious!  My friend and I had a great time catching up over lunch & I know she felt loved and cared for by the food I fed her.

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Do you ever buy pre-made food instead of making everything yourself?

What foods do you like to throw onto platters and pass as homemade?

Do you admit to your company that you didn’t make it?    I do, as I like to show people that it is easy to entertain without spending hours in the kitchen.  PLUS, the food is always so good that I always get asked for the recipe, so I might as well fess up ahead of time!  Ha!!

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  • Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate
    November 19, 2013 at 3:25 am

    Everything looks wonderful! Great ideas and tips for easy entertaining! Glad that you and your friend enjoyed a lovely time together 🙂

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