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The Perfect Pain Relieving + Detox Bath

epsom salt & ginger

If there’s anything I’ve learned about you guys it’s that you love natural remedies for things. And I do too, so we are a match made in heaven! I recently received a box from The Homegrown Collective that came with fresh green tea leaves, fresh dried lavender and epsom salt. I was having one of those days where my pain flared up badly and I needed a way to calm that pain down. It was just what I needed! I added a few of my own remedies to the bath as well and it was heaven. 

Since I know you guys didn’t get this glorious box in the mail, I wanted to share with you how I did my bath so you could do one of your own at home as well! 

Here’s What You’ll Need:
– 3 Table Spoons Fresh Green Tea Leaves
– 1 Table Spoon Dried Lavender
– 1 Cup Epsom Salt
– 1 Table Spoon Grated Fresh Ginger
– 1 Table Spoon Pain Relieving oil from Lavender Anne’s 
– 1 muslim bag to hold dried leaves and lavender in

 Here’s What You Do:
 – Fill your tub with hot water- as hot as you can stand it. Place all ingredients in your hot water.
– Soak in your bath for AT LEAST 20 minutes.
– Bring a cup of cold water with you to the bath– you will feel very dehydrated if you don’t!

 This bath is perfect for those of you wanting to detox heavy toxins from your body as well as kick some of the pain you’ve been experiencing. It’s high in antioxidants as well as pain relieving substances such as epsom salt and ginger! I promise it won’t disappoint.

Meghan Newsom
Meghan Newsom
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  • upnorth
    September 29, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Megan, what do I do if I can’t get down into the tub because of back issues. I just don’t bend well anymore, if I get down I don’t get up. Help!!

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