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One Thousand Gifts #11

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One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
Since reading the book “One Thousand Gifts,” there is so much meaning in why I count these gifts.  It truly does change ones outlook when practiced each and every day. It helps me learn what it looks like to be “content in all things.”  I am grateful.
P.S. Notice how many of my “gifts” have to do with food!  I really love food..:)
215~ permission to rest, to just be
216~ garden plan excitement
228~ chia seed discovery
229~ sun streaming in warm, hitting my leg
230~ a quiet day
231~ told by a wise man to put my pen down and just listen
232~ a lunch invite
233~ tickles and giggles
234~ a child brave enough to start her own fashion trend {she wrapped wrist in ribbon.  Like a cast:) Cute.}
235~ a middle child who claims to have “found my quirkiness again” 🙂
236~ warm gloves- a gift from MIL
237~ comfortable yoga pants
238~ a DVD player in my room for yoga workouts
239~ smell of java
240~ a chance meeting of another fighter & her sweet words of encouragement
241~ bagel and tea paid for by a friend
242~ Zucchini Quiche-free, a gift card from my daughter
243~ perspective this counting brings
244~ big, fat, wet, sticky snowflakes
245~ coffee shops, coffee shops, coffee shops
246~ weekend pizza and family connections
247~ making family dance memories with Dance Party Wii game–even grandma joined in!!
248~ Chinese leftovers
249~ do-overs
250~ youngest daughters note “I love our family.  Our family is a GOOD family”
251~ one more week of meal delivered
252~ dear friend conquering her mastectomy
253~ strong, encouraging men in my husband life
254~ trusting God.  Deeper.
256~ keeping palms open, noticing the many “crosses” or “t’s” etched in my palm.  Shapes that remind.
257~ making it halfway through radiation-tomorrow is day 14!! 
258~ swirls of chocolate fudge atop a chocolate cupcake
259~ battle scars that help me “remember the works of the Lord”
260~ Cornbread salad!!!! Oh. Yum.  Thank you, Sarah Mast.

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  • jeana
    March 7, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    beautiful list! God is so good!

  • Marianne
    March 7, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Love the coffee shops 🙂

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