Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #8

146~ growing hair
147~quilts and comforters warm and comforting
148~sound of snow shovel clearing a path for me!
149~little one organizing with no prompting from me
150~nourishing oats
151~yoga and its ability to help my arm
152~my wise counsel man
153~smell of coffee
154~time to reflect
155~grandparents giddy to see me
156~a hug from mom
157~people connections
158~new friends–gifts of cancer
159~the cross etched in snow, in sun spotlight
160~gentle hands coaxing lymph vessels
161~my carry all bag–thanks, Wendy!
162~Caring Bridge connections
163~chai tea
164~affordable organic food
165~duet of laughter, husband and my middle girl
166~little girl giddy for Valentines day

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