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Counting Gifts

Things I’m Thankful For | One Thousand Gifts

glass vase with pumpkin

Remember the post: The Most Simple Way To Boost Your Mood? I talked about counting the gifts and how it can lift the mood. It seriously does wonders!

Thanks to #Last90Days challenge that I have been participating in, I have picked up the habit of counting gifts more aggressively lately, and again…I’m amazed at how it is such a mood booster!

Thanks to this challenge, I went from daily listing just 3 things I’m thankful for and upped it to 10.

Listing 10 gifts a day causes one to pause and think for a minute on what is good…there are so many things!

Despite being a harder season for our family, there are so many great amazing things to be thankful for.

If you are in a hard season too, try listing the things you are thankful for. It helps so much.

These are some of the highlights of my lists:


Things I’m Thankful For | One Thousand Gifts

#1,157 – #1,197 

Change of seasons, from summer to fall.

Connecting with sisters.

60-degree mornings.

Early morning wake-up habit established.

Motivation & revelation.

8 years cancer free anniversary!

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My New Way Of Counting Gifts

Moleskine -Journal-Planner

Thanks to Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts,  I have been counting gifts for years.

The most helpful time to count gifts was when I was going through cancer treatment.  I know during that trying time it helped immensely to focus on the blessings in life. I even got my girls involved and we together we looked for ‘treasures’ to count.  The good even in the bad.

When I become mindful of all of the wonderful things there are to discover in a day, it changes me.  It changes my attitude, my heart, & my perspective.  It is hard to have a bad day when you are looking for gifts to write down.

I love having and using tools to help this process.  The camera in my phone is one such tool.  I often take photos of things I see as blessings, big or small, and store them on Instagram.  I call them ‘Captured Life Tidbits‘ –they are just all the ‘goodies’ of life that I find beautiful.  I have also used the notes app in my phone to list gifts, but I found I’m more successful when they are written on paper.

I’ve been thinking a lot about listing the gifts and being faithful in keeping track of them day by day. Because it has been on the forefront of my mind, I was delighted to find the perfect tool for listing all the wonderful tidbits of life.

Enter Moleskine 2015 Weekly Diary/Planner 

I am a huge Moleskine fan, and have over 10 Moleskine journals that I have written in throughout the years.  They are a well-made classic.  I know there are so many cute journals out there, but I’m a pretty simple girl who loves plain & classic. I picture how a journal will look lined up on a bookcase, and I always end up grabbing a simple Moleskine.

I’ve always bought the hard cover journals, but lately I’ve been crushing on their soft cover journals that come in a package of 3.  I keep them in my bag.  I use my phone note app for a lot of things, but for certain things (like my Christmas list) I like having a paper journal to write in.

Moleskine Journal 2

The 2015 Moleskine Weekly Diary/Planner

It has the perfect amount of space to list gifts each day. The new 2015 journal gives you a few days before the new year to start, which I have taken full advantage of.

I will pull it out of my bag during the day when I am at home, and have it in a central location or close by to jot down a gift when I notice one.  I will also take it with me in my bag for on- the- go gift listing, but if I forget to grab it, I use Siri to help me list the gifts while I’m on the car or out and about.  I then grab my journal right before bed and transfer any lists of gifts that i mad during the day on my phone.  It then is right there by my bed when I wake up, ready for me to find my perspective for the new day.

Can you see why I need something that is well made and durable?  This book will be by my side and on the move all year!


So there is my plan.

What do you think?

Have you ever counted and listed the amazing goodie- tidbit gifts of life?


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Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

Our Captured Life Tidbits


   So thankful for these moments — these tidbits that make up life.

Capturing the moments is a gift.

Counting these gifts keeps me present,

 keeps me thankful,

& reminds me to live NEW!


It has been too long since I posted about all the gifts that life brings.  The last time was almost a year ago and I find myself sad that I have not been recording all the good lil’ bits of life that has happened this year.

Honestly, it has been a long, rough year.  One of the toughest yet.  BUT…God.  God has been very near and faithful & has brought and continues to bring our family through so much.  I will be sharing some of that journey in the coming year, but in the meantime, how about some gift counting with me?

It is almost 2015 and I am excited to start counting the gifts again. I stopped at #1075 and I’m ready to keep on counting. I have a fun plan how to do just that and will share it with you very soon!  In the meantime, here are a few amazing gifts I have found by scrolling through my Instagram feed from the months of October & November.


#1075 – #1110


~my 13-year-old Colsie who is not too old to trick -or-treat yet.  Her fun sense of style.

~a light-up pumpkin give to me by my Mom.  Her knowledge that I love anything that twinkles.


~ an amazing cake baked for my birthday by my Avery girl


~a family trip full of magical memories


~laughter and playfulness


~the joy of Butterbeer in Harry Potter World


~vacationing with cousins.  How little ones around multiply the smiles and laughter.


~daughters who photo bomb.  My handsome husband’s smile.


~a newly discovered, God-given talent.


~fancy, smancy restaurants. Photo proof that my daughter has wonderful manners when most important.


~how Epcot makes education fun


~Bam! The experience of getting attention from 4 waiters.  The awe we felt when they placed our meals down in unison.


~an elegant breakfast with my elegant daughter.

~her beauty inside and out


~palm tree reflections

~a beautiful, huge Christmas tree

~new glasses so I can SEE the beauty clearly


~clean laundry

~a working washer & dryer


~another homemade Thanksgiving Day banner made by my Avery

~paper plates


~a table full of family

~aunts who love their nieces and nephews

~a mother-in-law who does my dishes without me asking


~seeing my little niece and nephew enjoy the same legos my girls enjoyed for years.

~having them in my home


~my husband relaxing, getting a holiday break from work


~a beautiful lake to walk around.

~how nature and exercise is an amazing form of therapy

~winter days that are unusually warm


~ juxtaposition art created by the Creator

Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #39

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

My little one, stuck in her room for the day learning the hard lessons of life, practices gratitude.  She sneaks down the stairs, knowing she should not be out of her room, but can’t help herself.  She has a hand full of gratitude to share.  A “blog post” and “poem.”  “May I share it on your blog, Mom?”

May she?


I’m Thankful For My Ipod Shuffle
Last birthday when I was 8  turning eight I got to go shopping with my grandma Kathy! On And on our birthday our grandma gives us money to spend on stuff, so I decided “I should get a ipod!”  So me and my grandma went over to the ipods!  I really wanted to get a blue one because that was my favorite color but they were out of the blue ones. 🙁 So there was  I think there was pink, orang, (my sister got an orange one) or green and you know which one I boght?  Pink because it is my 3rd favorite color!  I was so happy and it even came with headphones.  I think I made a good choice.  If I didn’t get an ipod I wouldn’t be listening to music as much!  I have been lisening to a lot of songs.  It makes me happy.  I {heart} my ipod. Thank you, Grandma!


Ipods are fun,
in the sun they shine like the stars.

You can get them and listen to them everywhere.

Save your money, go to itunes, get more music. 
Trust me, you will use it everywhere.

#826 – #839

~ grace.

~ a day at home on a Monday

~ apologies from little ones

~ listening to grown nieces and nephews interacting.  So entertaining, made me smile.

~ family

~ the dimple that sneaks out from middle child’s cheek when she is trying not to laugh

~ Spotify and the grooves it brings to me daily

~ my husband scraping snow off of my car

~ his hold in the middle of the night

~ witnessing responsibility in my oldest

~ my night time Nook reading

~ an expanded grocery budget that allows some breathing room and healthy food!

~ girls giddyness over giving out Valentines

~ a husband that shops with his girls for Valentines

Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #8

146~ growing hair
147~quilts and comforters warm and comforting
148~sound of snow shovel clearing a path for me!
149~little one organizing with no prompting from me
150~nourishing oats
151~yoga and its ability to help my arm
152~my wise counsel man
153~smell of coffee
154~time to reflect
155~grandparents giddy to see me
156~a hug from mom
157~people connections
158~new friends–gifts of cancer
159~the cross etched in snow, in sun spotlight
160~gentle hands coaxing lymph vessels
161~my carry all bag–thanks, Wendy!
162~Caring Bridge connections
163~chai tea
164~affordable organic food
165~duet of laughter, husband and my middle girl
166~little girl giddy for Valentines day

Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #7

One Thousand Gifts

I have not counted gifts here on the blog in a very long time.  It is a shame, as I have so, so many to count.

131~my home smelling of chili on a cold day
132~a book that teaches how and why to count these gifts
133~a brand new Moleskin journal
134~giving children
135~old hymns put to new song
136~grandparents and birthday sleepovers
137~a child with ipod in ears, singing louder than intended:)
138~valentines delivered to neighbors by eager little hands and feet
139~same little hands stirring ingredients together with all of her might
140~body parts that are starting to work as intended
141~a husband that seeks wise counsel
142~a new electric tea kettle that makes me WAY too happy
143~a God who is so faithful in feeding me truth
144~an envelop in the mail full of gift cards, given from a 10 yr. old heart of gold
145~a wise and gentle physical therapist

Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts #5

I’ve started counting gifts that God brings along my life path. There are so many, especially now that I am on this cancer journey. I am overwhelmed.

82~ family.
83~ finding a green tea that tastes good!
84~ discouragement replaced by happiness
85~ a beautiful, handmade quilt, made with love by a reader/blogger friend
86~ a new office chair surprise, bought by loving friends
87~ energy despite low blood cell counts
88~ new twinkling leaf lights from my mom
89~ giggling girls
90~ being able to rest because a meal is being brought
91~ an appetite
92~reminders that in my weakness, He is strong