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School is out for the summer in just a few weeks.  I am finding myself in disbelief that I will have a high schooler and 2 middle schoolers.  Where has time gone?

Whether I'm ready or not, my sweet girls are growing up.  I can't tell you what a gift it is to be healthy and around to see them become young ladies.  They are my pride and joy.

These pre-teen and teen years have brought a new set of parental concerns for Todd and I.  Safety is a big one.  I miss the days when safety meant reminders to little ones of looking both ways before crossing the street. I remember  making their chubby little hands reach up to hold the sides of the grocery cart before we walked out to the parking lot to unload our groceries.  This was my way of making sure we could all stay together and stay safe.  

Now safety feels a lot more overwhelming and out of our control as parents. Especially when it comes to the online world, social media world, and just wondering exactly where our kids are when they are out and about with friends. These are all reasons why I loved hearing about Kajeet. Kajeet is a wireless service provider–the only one dedicated to kids and education, AND dedicated to keeping our kids safe and sound.

{My Teagan. I blinked, and she grew up.  If only she always had her big boy cousins standing behind her…built -in bodyguards. They would keep her super safe!}

Kajeets story especially caught my eye as it began with 3 dads trying to figure out technology, with the same concerns that most parents have.  Thinking of their own children, they designed a service that allows kids, parents and technology work together & keet kids safe while navigating the mobile world.  I loved that the word "Kajeet" is an anagram of the first letters of the names of the company's founders' children.  Very sweet.

Kajeet has been created to meet the needs and concerns of parents AND kids.  When I read through the benefits of the service, I can clearly see it was designed by parents, for parents, with our kids in mind.

Why would I choose Kajeet?  Well, the plans are affordable.  They start at just $4.99/month.  There is no activation fee, termination fees or long term contract. There are free, unlimited parental controls that I can manage all from my computer.  I would love to just be sitting at my laptop and have control of my girls safety!  I would be able to block unwanted calls, manage what websites can be accessed, and set time limits on phone use to prevent late night texting.

All Kajeet phones come enabled with this GPS Phone Locator. Talk about getting some control back and bringing peace to a Momma's heart!  I think about how busy our girls always are, from school to soccer practice, to piano, to church,  to playing at a friends house–boy, are they busy! These are all times that I would use the GPS Phone Locator to make sure my girls are where they need to be and on time!  I especially would use it when they are walking home from school.  There are times when they stay after school to make up a test or get extra help, and I find myself worrying when they are not home on time and forgot to tell me they were staying late.  With the GPS phone locator, I would be able to see that they are at the school location, and not hanging out at the park a few blocks away -which would be bad news!

The phones allow you to track your kid in real time.  You just log into your account and run a GPS locate on demand.  It also allows you to schedule recurring locates.  Want to know your child arrives to school on time in the morning when they walk?  Schedule a locate Monday-Friday's at 8:55 a.m.  The GPS Phone Locator will run at that time automatically on a regular basis and deliver the results to you.

Do you have a child that often loses their phone?  My Teagan once lost hers in the middle of a haunted house.  In the dark, wiground covered in hay.  Nope, we never found it.  Man, if only we had known about Kajeet!  Kajeet phones come with GPS right out of the box.  I think it is great that you don't have to download any software or apps; it is ready for use right away.

What do you think?  Does a service like this appeal to you? Would it bring you extra peace of mind?


A few more tidbits you need to know about Kajeet:

~it's affordable. GPS Phone Locator is included in service plans starting at $24.99/month or locates can be run on demand, on an as-needed basis, for $0.99 each.  (brilliant option as different kids will have different needs.)

~phones can be purchased right from the Kajeet website, and from May 1 through June 17th, there is a special discount offer — 20% off all phones (except the Samsung Galaxy S4) with promo code PROUD.

~in addition to the phones that are available for purchase, you may Bring Your Own Spring® Device to Kajeet.  This means you don't need to purchase a phone for Kajeet in order to be on the service/ if you already own an eligible (and inactive) device, you can activate it with Kajeet. Eligible devices must be Sprint Branded and not all devices are eligible (but iPhone 4, $S and 5 are). You can, though, check on the Kajeet website whether or not one in your possession is.

There is so much more about this service that I have not even talked about, like contact manager, wallet manager, feature manager — make sure you visit their website to learn more about these great features.


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  • Liz cooper
    May 20, 2014 at 7:17 am

    What a great way to keep up with ones preteen and teen kids. So IMPT in our world today.

    • AmyNewNostalgia
      May 20, 2014 at 9:45 am

      I think so too! Keeping our kids safe in this world is not easy, but there are tools that help.