Do You Hulu?

Have you ever missed a an episode of your favorite show or forgotten to set the DVR?
No worries, just go to Hulu.com. Chances are, they will have it.

Here is a bit from their website:

Finally, TV on your terms. Watch your favorite videos right from your browser, anytime, for free. With full episodes of TV shows both current and classic, full-length movies, web originals, and clips of just about everything, Hulu is the place to watch and enjoy premium videos from the biggest names in entertainment.

2009 was a BIG year for Hulu

– Monthly users of Hulu, as measured by comScore, grew to over 43 million, a 95 percent increase over this time last year.
– Monthly streams, as measured by comScore, grew to 924 million, a 307 percent increase from this time last year.
– Hulu’s content library doubled over the past year. We now offer over 14,000 hours of premium content, up from 5,600 hours at this time last year.
– We grew from 130 content partners last year to over 200 today, which includes the addition of Disney/ABC content.
– The number of advertisers/marketers we have served has more than doubled, growing from 166 to 408. As a team, we are extremely excited about the atypically strong results we have been able to drive for our marketing partners.
– 6.4 million Hulu video players were embedded across the web in 2009, a 237 percent jump from 2008 levels. To date, Hulu players have been embedded on over 207,000 websites.
– Some of the more prominent consumer-facing innovations from 2009: Hulu Desktop, Captions Search, Continuous Play, Tags, and the ongoing innovation hub that is Hulu Labs.
– Our search service managed nearly 1 billion search queries in 2009, up 175 percent from 2008.
– The five most popular shows on the service in 2009:
– Hulu’s most embedded video of 2009 was the live stream of Barack Obama’s inauguration.
– The most popular clip on Hulu in 2009 was “Motherlover“, a Saturday Night Live Digital Short.
– The most popular full episode on Hulu in 2009 was Family Guy’s “Stew-Roids.”

I think this is so convenient!
-Got an iphone? If you are stuck at the dr’s office waiting room and need to entertain your kid? Hulu to the rescue! (they have full length “Alvin and The Chipmunks” movie!!:)
-Husband hogging the t.v. and there is only one in the house? Go to your computer and watch tv on Hulu!
-Just moved and don’t want to get cable right away so you can save some money? Don’t worry, just watch Hulu.
-Bored at work and want to finish watching the end of a show? Shhhh…hulu.

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  • Amy
    January 11, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Sorry about your dr. visits!:(
    I think it would be great entertainment while waiting, unless you have 3 kid trying to share one very small screen. That could be…no fun.

  • Destri
    January 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    I have never tried Hulu, but the part about the iphone, kids, and Dr. office have me convinced I must. We have spent way to much time at the Dr office lately!

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