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He Knows What Fills Me

We recently took a trip to Branson, Mo.  My in-laws treat our family to a beautiful family vacation every 2 years.  This is a gift that is just…beyond.  The joy these trips bring & the memories with brothers, sisters, parents and cousins are absolutely priceless. I can’t explain the gratitude I feel for this time with family. 
I’m eager to share more of our family trip photos with you…here are a few to start.
Cup of coffee on picnic table

Large cabin in Branson
Plant life by lake in Branson MO

A lake in Branson, MO

Who am I that you are mindful of me?

So many blessings as far as the eye can see.

Your creation speaks to me.

Your open hand holds gifts & you whisper “Delight in them, my child… I love you.”

Gifts of birds singing.  Chirps, tweets, & caws all singing in harmony, yet each taking its turn.

Gifts of calm waters reflecting early morning light.  Gentle ripples coming towards, bringing your love.

Surrounded by trees, fresh wet with rain, limbs cracking adding to the chorus.

Baby deer stare, also mindful of me.  Your creation creatures.

This place of rest, a cabin holding so many I love.  My deep love grows even deeper for them, the gift of people, my family.

Little niece in a polka dot robe, another holding her polka dot blankie, sleepy just waking.

Cousins gather at the crack of dawn, ready to fish with Grandpa.  Cereal spoons clinking making their own song as children sit staring, trying to wake up.

 The noise leaves with Grandpa, parents left behind hold mugs of steaming strong coffee, a shared pot.

This gift of quiet shows how mindful you are of me.  You know what fills me.  You give me what I need and beyond.  You are the gift giver & your hands are full.  You offer, I receive.  I am grateful.

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