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Goal Setting & Reflection – January 2013 – Purposeful Living Series

Goal setting and reflection

Goal Setting & Reflection-January 2013 – Purposeful Living

These posts written by Todd (Amy’s husband) are designed to model a system of purposeful living.  At least once a month, he spends time setting meaningful goals around one of seventeen core priorities.

If you missed it, consider reading the foundation post – Purposeful Living #1.


Correct Priority #5 – Social Health – Immediate Family–Children (Emotional Health)
Goal – January 2013
Support my daughter Colsie in her desire to become a strong volleyball player and join a volleyball team.  Specific things I can do include the items listed below.    

  • Research and purchase an effective youth volleyball instructional video.
  • Thoroughly review the video and develop a volleyball skill development program for Colsie.

My sixth grade daughter recently communicated a desire to play volleyball.  She has never expressed an interest in sports before, but she assured me this is a genuine interest.  She has been hitting a ball around a lot at school with friends during recess and really enjoys it.

Volleyball is a huge sport in Nebraska with large numbers of children playing from a very young age.  Even playing in a youth recreation league Colsie will be way behind without some help.

My plan is to assist Colsie in the same way I have assisted my other two daughters – Teagan (basketball) and Avery (soccer) – in the sports they play.  I will find quality instructional material, learn the game, and teach Colsie how to play volleyball.  Specifically I am interested in teaching Colsie proper technique, not just the rules of the game.   

I understand the rules of volleyball, but I don’t know the first thing about volleyball technique.  I don’t know the proper way to set, bump, serve, or pass a volleyball.

But I can learn.  The key is finding quality instructional material.  There are many resources, but most of it is junk.  I will find as many websites as I can that sell instructional material, identify DVD’s that focus on technique, read the descriptions and reviews, and then make a purchase.

It was so much easier when it was just Avery playing soccer.  Supporting three girls in their athletic endeavors takes a considerable amount of time.   

But it is a fun way for me to participate in their lives.  And athletics are a fantastic way to build resiliency in children.

It is worth my time.  

todd bowman and daughters
Correct Priority #5 – Social Health – Immediate Family–Children (Social Health)

Goal – January 2013
Provide ongoing encouragement of healthy friendships for all of our girls.  Provide support wherever appropriate and possible.  Specific items are listed below.

  • Discuss with Amy the possibility of allowing our girls the opportunity to invite friends over and spend the night more often.
  • Discuss with Amy the idea of turning our basement into a teen hangout area.
  • Consider additional ideas to help our girls build healthy and positive friendships.  

Encouraging healthy relationships for all of our girls is a huge priority to me and one that never ends.  It has become even more important as they enter the teen years.  It is a routine topic of discussion with Amy during dates.   

Children and teens who surround themselves with positive influences are far more likely to make healthy choices.  Children and teens who surround themselves with negative influences are far more likely to make destructive choices.  

I can’t choose friends for my girls.  But there are many things Amy and I can do to nudge them in the right direction.  

Two of my girls have close friends who do not live in our neighborhood and do not attend the same school.  Allowing them to come and spend the night on a regular basis would allow them to spend more time with these friends than they are currently able.

Turning our basement into a teen hangout area would better ensure that as our girls enter middle school and high school that everyone will want to hang out at our house.  Having everyone at our house improves our ability as parents to positively influence their activities.  

Either/both of these ideas would place additional demands Amy and myself.  These are items I want to thoroughly discuss with her and get her input.  


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  • Lori Alexander
    February 10, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    The relationship your daughters have with you will be the greatest influence in their lives. Daughters need dads who love them and are involved with their lives to offset the onslaught of garbage society will throw at them. Keeping them active and involved in what they love is important also. Great job, dad!

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