April Fool's Day

April Fools Day Ideas

I’m laughing at myself because I posted this last year, and here I am again, dealing with procrastination because I GOT NO PLAN …ugh.
BUT, I do have more time to come up with one this year.
On to last years post…I wonder if I can just do the same pranks again?
Let me know if you have plans…
I have to quickly come up with some April Fool’s jokes before my kids come home from school.
Here is what I (with some help from Family Fun.com) have come up with:
I’m making meatloaf for dinner, and found this fun idea.  It is perfect because we have art class today, which leaves little time to cook, so this breaks down the baking time.  I am giving in and getting instant mashed potatoes, and adding enough butter to make them appear yellow, I may even put a few sprinkles on top.  This one seems a little too mean, I may have to have real cupcakes sitting to the side ready to eat.
Super glue a quarter to the sidewalk:
My kids fall for this one every time!
the picture above says it all, or click on the link..
Pin The Panties/Underwear:
We did this one to dad last year.  We took his underwear, and safety pinned the waist band of one, to the waist band of another, and so forth.  This ends up making a “streamer” of underwear.  Dad pulls one out, and ten others come out with it!  Its too late to do this, but I have time to pin my girls jammies together…:)
Get Sprayed:
Wrap a rubber band around your sink’s sprayer, tight enough to hold down the nozzle.  When your victim turns the water on, they will get a bit wet!  Hee. Hee.
*due to my inability to think of anything more to write, I need to inform you that after today, I will no longer be posting and New Nostalgia will no longer exist.  Thank you for all the amazing support and kind comments you have given to me over the months…

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  • Breanna Veth
    March 31, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    You know that today is the 31st right?? I am totally going to pin my husbands underwear together!!!

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