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The “What’s Next” On My Cancer Journey

{do you love how I turn to the side so only one ear shows?? Bwaha!  Me and my ear insecurities…actually, I’m pretty much over it…pretty much.:)}
I recently took a poll and you, my readers, communicated that you want to hear my health updates, so that is what this post is.  It is the last 2 journal entries at my Caring Bridge site.  They are pretty informational about the “what next” so they will fill you in on where I am at.  If you want even more details, you are welcome anytime to visit me at Caring Bridge
Thank you for being such a caring community!!

MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011 9:54 AM, CDT
Well, it was a bumpy week mood wise, but it seems like the road is smoothing out ahead.  We’ll see.:)

I saw Dr. Hinze, my plastic surgeon last week.  I always leave with a smile from his office.  THEY ARE ALL SO NICE.  The nurses were giddy over my new hair growth, which was “mussed up” by Dr. Hinze the minute he got walked in the room. He is so funny.  

I had 3 small scar areas that just were not healing up.  He took one look and knew what needed to be done.  There were 3 little suture knots on the inside that would not dissolve.  He fixed me up in minutes (my scar area is numb–thank goodness!!) and I am amazed!  I was so frustrated with my body that it just wouldn’t heal right, but just 4 days after his procedure, those spots are almost gone.  Amazing.

There is some asymmetry that he is going to fix in about 4 weeks if Dr. Midathada gives the ok.  I have ribs that flare a bit on the left so he will do a quick right implant exchange–gotta go bigger:-) It is a simple, outpatient surgery.  Healing should be easy, thank goodness it is my right side so he can make the incision on skin that was not radiated.  I AM SO EXCITED.  I really am happy with my reconstruction results, but this will take them from good to GRRREEAAT!:P

I have an appointment with Dr. Midathada, my oncologist, tomorrow morning.  I am eager to hear her thoughts and the “now what” plan.   

I will fill ya’ll in on the plan when we get on.
xoxo to you all.

Psalm 55:22
Cast your cares on the Lord & He will sustain you! 


TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2011 3:03 PM, CDT

My appointment with Dr. Midathada went well.  It is always so good to see her.

She was pleased with my energy level and checked me out thoroughly.  

My white blood cell count was a bit low, but she was not concerned and said I tend to run low normally.

I will be having scans next Monday.  A CT scan and a bone scan.
 Dr. wanted to have a baseline scan.  The bone scan will show if those original areas that lit up on my ribs went away, and will check a sore spot I have on my left scapula, it is about the size of a dime and has been sore for about a week or so. I notice it every time I reach forward. I did some sit ups last week, I am hoping I just came down too hard on it or something. ? 

I get to drink lovely contrast for scans–can’t wait!

We should have the results the following day–Tuesday–I will try to keep the “scanxiety” to a minimum until then.  I’m actually doing fine with this–so far.;)

I will be seeing her again in 3 months.  

She explained to me that there are certain types of cancers that, once the patient has hit the 5 year mark, she can confidently say that they will not see that cancer again, and if they ever get cancer again, it would be a whole new, different type. 
 She said for breast cancer and melanoma (I’ve had both now), she cannot say that.
 These cancers can return years after diagnosis, so I am to get comfortable with that reality and just be aware of my body’s signals and faithful with checkups.

This reality is one I have spent the last few weeks trying to come to grips with, and I know that as I continue to grow and continue to trust, that I will figure out how to fully live with it.  So much of the battle is with fear and unknowns, but God has shown me over and over that I am His child and that He’s got me no matter what.  He has shown me that He is faithful and trustworthy.  So it is my job to keep CHOOSING to trust.

Of course, my Jesus Calling book was perfect for the day.  I love that book!  It said:

TRUSTING Me is a moment-by-moment choice.  My people have not always understood this truth.  After I performed miracles in the wilderness, My chosen children trusted Me intensely–but only temporarily.  Soon the grumbling began again, testing My patience to the utmost.
Isn’t it often the same way with you?  You trust Me when things go well, when you see Me working on your behalf.  This type of trust flows readily within you, requiring no exertion of your will.  When things go wrong, your trust-flow slows down and solidifies.  You are forced to choose between trusting Me intentionally or rebelling: resenting My ways with you.  This choice constitutes a fork in the road.  Stay on the path of Life with Me, enjoying My Presence.  Choose to trust Me in all circumstances.
Psalm 31:14
But I trust in you, Lord;
I say “You are my God.”

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  • Little Brick Ranch
    April 13, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Good for you, girl. You look wonderful and your ears are beautiful!! 🙂 No need for silly insecurities after everything you have been through. Keep up your spirits and know that your story and your words will touch many beyond your wildest imagination. I will be thinking good thoughts for you…

  • Graceful
    April 13, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Amy! I am absolutely delighted to meet you — how could we have not met yet in this crazy blogging world? I just spent a long time reading through many, many of your posts, particularly those detailing your cancer journey. You are one strong, amazing, inspiring woman — I am just so blessed to meet you here (and grateful to Jo Sheets for making it happen with that link!).

    I happened to see a photo of you and your husband and realized I know Todd through City Impact! He doesn’t know me…but my husband and I volunteered as reading tutors at Elliot a while back…and we do the Gifts of Love with our small group every year, too. Wow, I just can’t get over what a small town this is sometimes. And to think that I met you in the big wide world of blogging and not in person at City Impact!

    Just know that I will pray for you every day and will keep up to date on your progress by visiting you here too — you have a lovely blog! Maybe we can have coffee sometime (I totally understand if you think that’s creepy and would rather not!).

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