The Start Of A Summer Doozy List

As most of you know, I have “Anti-procrastination Tuesdays” here at New Nostalgia.  Why?  BECAUSE I PROCRASTINATE and I need your help to GET STUFF DONE!  It has turned into a fun link party, with 2 areas to submit your links to.  One for the hard core “Anti-Procrastination Themed Posts” and one I call “Flexible Themed Posts” where you can link up recipes, projects and crafts that were accomplished but procrastination was not part of the post.

I started the link party with this “Doozy List” post, and have noticed that even though it is a list that is not finished, summer has hit &  there are much more pressing things (and not so pressing things) that I want to get done that are not on the list.  I told you all last week I would be working on a new “Summer Doozy List,” and I am…finally…right now.

I usually post my “AP Tuesday” link party post on Monday nights around 10:00/11:00.  Tonight it is going to be after midnight, because I am busy typing away at this new list that really should have been done a few days ago.  Thank goodness I have “AP Tuesday” and YOU, or it would not get done, and I would be in big trouble, because if I can’t even get myself to write a “to-do” list, then I don’t think there would be much accomplishing of  my “to-do’s!”

I do have to say, looking over the week and 1/2 that my kids have been out of school, I am very happy with how we have spent our time and the things we have done.  I’m going to include some of those things on the list, just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off!

This list will have a different feel than my original Doozy list -which I will for sure be getting back to once school is in session- because my main goal this summer is to be the best mommy I can be and enjoy these fleeting, precious moments with my growing girls.

So here we go…
at least a start…
I will be adding more, soon, I’m sure…
Summer Doozy List

Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim, Swim
Grow new transplants for fall harvest (gotta get the lettuce going after this heat lets up!)
Go To The Strawberry Patch
Make Homemade Strawberry Freezer Jam
Make Homemade Puffy Paint
Make Homemade Scratch & Sniff Paint
Make Homemade Tortillas
Make Yogurt Pops Using Homemade Yogurt And Strawberry Puree
Visit Ivanna Cone Ice Cream And Walk Haymarket With My Girls
Sign Girls Up For Summer Reading Program At Library
Sign Girls Up For Summer Reading Program At Indigo Bridge 
Hike @ Pioneers Park (It’s been soooo very hot, and frankly, I don’t like to hike unless it is fall and leaves are crunching under my feet)
Explore The Sunken Gardens, Take A Frisbee (Planned to on Sunday, but there was a heat advisory)
Work In Home “Zone” For 15 Minutes Every Day With The Girls
3 Chores A Day Per Girl, Everyday
Love On Neighbor Kids
Get To Know Neighbors
Drag One Of The Girls Into The Kitchen With Me Every Time I Cook Or Bake:)
Create Time For Reading Everyday
Continue To Establish Morning And Evening Routines
Rewrite Master Chore List
Start My Day With God Time (this should have been end my day with God time, then it would be crossed!  Although I have been making an effort at acknowledging Him in the morning and inviting Him into my day.
Take My Middle Girl “Early Riser” On An Early Morning Walk To The Park With A Breakfast Picnic (tomorrow might be the day, if this is crossed off in the morning you will know that I got my bum out of bed and did it!)
Visit Farmer’s Market At Least Every Other Week
Clean Out Desk Drawers (did it, but it needs done again…lol)
Deep Clean Basement Before Late June Company
Make Homemade Iced Chai Latte, Drink While Reading A Magazine On Swing In The Sunroom
Write Posts On What I Am Grateful For On A Regular Basis
Cousin Sleepovers (one nephew left) (next Sat. is the day!)
Get My Bible Study Ladies To The Poolhouse
Keep Calender As Balanced As Possible (tried, but it sure has been a busy summer!)
Go To Bed By Midnight Most Nights (ahahahahahaaa!  yeah, right…)
Take Advantage Of Our Summer Blockbuster Movie Pass, Rent Chick Flicks:)
Make Behavior Cards
Call Mick About Water Leakage
Read At Least 3 Novels This Summer
Clean Out Bookmarks Menu Bar (ongoing)
Go Bowling For Free (this week is perfect due to hot days!)
Visit Children’s Museum (got free passes thanks to summer reading program!!)

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  • mother★lode
    June 18, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    I love this idea – blogging it keeps you motivated, and adding the strikethroughs has to be thrilling – yeah, one more thing experienced, accomplished, done! I might have to rip this off and make our own summer doozy list!

  • Kim & Dave
    June 16, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Sounds like a fun summer!! I agree-a breakfast picnic is a great idea!!

  • Brook
    June 15, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Great list! Do you visit the Farmer’s Market in the Haymarket, Havelock, Old Cheney or somewhere else? I miss having so many locations to chose from! One of the girls I grew up with sells organic meats at the Old Cheney Farmer’s Market.

  • Brooke
    June 15, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    I love your list! We’re working on a list of our own and am excited to be more intentional and purposeful this summer. The kids really do grow up too fast. Thanks, as always, for your wonderful ideas and your awesome blog. 🙂

  • Priscilla
    June 15, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    I love your list! Breakfast picnic…great idea.

  • Stacy @ Delighting in the Days
    June 15, 2010 at 6:40 am

    Your list is fun! I especially like the swimming. And taking the early riser to the park for breakfast. I did that once and it was a hit!

    Hope you get a bunch of it checked off 🙂

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