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My Kitchen Staple – Sprouted Buckwheat

{crunchy sprouted cinnamon buckwheat with stevia in almond milk with a dollop of coconut yogurt.}

*post by our Contributing Raw Foods Author, Teniel Moore

I have a long list of food staples I have on hand every week to make my life easier.

~Chia seeds
~Coconut flour
~Almond milk
~Freshly washed veggies
~Pre packed green juice bags, one for every day of the week
~Goodie balls
~Raw chocolate

I could go on so I’ll stop there.

But the number one thing I make every week is sprouted crunchy buckwheat.

Because it’s so easy to sprout

Buckwheat is such a versatile seed. Yes that’ right its a seed, not made from wheat as the name suggests. 

~Its also gluten free.
~Its cheap to buy
~Its nutritious – a great source of easy-to-digest protein

What you will need:

Filtered water
Large bowl for soaking
Raw buckwheat 
Large strainer
Dehydrator – not essential but keeps it raw and makes them crunchy

How to:

First of all you will need to give your grains a really thorough rinse. You will see a pinkish slim as you rinse them well. You want to rinse until the water runs clear.

Now soak your grains in a large bowl filled with filtered water and cover. I do this overnight.

In the morning drain your grains and rinse really well and leave out to sit well drained in a large strainer or dehydrator mesh tray. Anything that allows water to strain through and breath will be fine. 

Then again at night rinse again and drain well. 

In the morning you will start to see the cutest little baby tails growing from your buckwheat. You can repeat the process another day if you like or else give a final rinse and your buckwheat is sprouted and ready to go.
{Pictured above is my buckwheat sprouting in a large mesh strainer. 
I got this strainer especially for sprouting buckwheat.}

Next Step:

You can store this raw sprouted buckwheat in the fridge for a few days just as is. Its great to make raw tabouli with or use as a sprinkle on salads. It is however soft.

If you want to make it crunchy which is how I love it, you will need a dehydrator or oven.

In your dehydrator, lay the buckwheat evenly over the sheets and dehydrate on 105 till crunchy. This will only take around 4 hours or so and this will keep it still raw.
If using the oven bake for a short time only. Keep an eye on it. It will burn and become very crunchy quite fast. This will not keep the sprouts raw but is handy if you don’t have a dehydrator. I’ve only used this method once. I prefer the dehydrator.

Allow to cool and store in a glass jar in your pantry indefinitely. My container is often left out on my kitchen counter because I use it so much.

To make buckwheat flour all you need to do is grind the crunchy buckwheat in a high speed blender. Easy right? 

 Images above are some of the great things ways I use sprouted buckwheat.

Buckwheat pancakes


GF, Vegan & Raw/ Healthy Eating/ How-Tos/ RECIPES

Do You Sprout?

Sprouted lentils

Sprouting is one of the cheapest, simplest and most nutritious foods you can eat. My favourite things to sprout are lentils, buckwheat, quinoa & mung beans. These have never failed me.
I know lots of people that do not sprout nuts and seeds simply because they think its too hard and don’t know where to start.
Well why sprout you may ask? 
Soaking softens the skin and begins the sprouting process, also soaking makes it so much easier for your body to digest the grains or seeds. Gas causing enzymes in legumes are released into the soaked water. (make sure to discard the soaking water)
When you sprout it truly increases the amount of nutrients in the food compared to the dried grain/nut/legume. When you sprout the vitamins minerals and protein increase.
And also the calories and carbohydrate content decrease. So its a win win all around. 
So now I’ve told you how super nutrient dense and good for you sprouting is, let’s find out how to do it.
What you will need:
~ Organic grain or legume of choice
~ A sterile large glass bottle with some fine mesh cloth to cover, or nut milk bag or sprouting jar
~Filtered water for soaking
So lets get started.
Soak your grain or legume in a large glass bowl or jar with heaps of filtered water. Cover and let sit on bench overnight. If you remember, its best to change thesoaked water at least once or twice. But this is not crucial.
The next morning you will need to drain the grains or legumes and rinse well. Drain the water away. Place them into your sprouting jar you have chosen to use pop a breathable cover over the top. You can use an elastic band to hold in place and set up on an angle to make sure all the water strains away. If you buy a  proper sprouting jar it will have an attachment that lets the jar sit up on an angle. 
These are mung bean sprouts soaked then rinsed and ready to sprout.
Bean sprouts
Now all you need to do is repeat the rinsing every 8 hours making sure to drain well each time. 
What I usually do is this:
 ~First rinse in the morning, then do another that night. 
~Repeat again in the morning and again at night. 
On the second or third day of doing this you will see gorgeous little sprouts growing. You can keep doing this process until you get the sprouts the length you like. It should take no longer than a few days. Once done do a final rinse and very good drain and store in the fridge. They will last around 3 days in the fridge.
These are mung bean sprouts after 3 days ready to eat or you could leave them another day if you like.
Mung bean sprouts
Here is some sprouted buckwheat. So easy to do and they grow the cutest little tails. I then dehydrate the buckwheat  till it goes crunchy and add it raw cereals.
Its great to add texture and crunch to the top of a smoothie. I also make my own buckwheat flour by grinding the buckwheat  up in coffee grinder. Then I have wonderful sprouted buckwheat flour ready to use in cooking.
Lentils and mung bean sprouts
Lentils and mung bean sprouts are great to snack they are crunchy and delicious. Throw them in salads on top of raw crackers and even in a green smoothie!
Mixed sprouted salad.
Mixed sprouted salad with almonds
Mixed sprouted salad
Mixed sprouted salad recipe
A selection of mixed sprouts and legumes
Mix in some  crunchy almonds (soaked and dehydrated if you can)
A generous drizzle of organic olive oil or organic flax seed oil
Pinch of Himalayan salt
Cracked pepper
Generous sprinkle of cumin powder
Generous sprinkle of cinnamon
Generous sprinkle of garlic powder
Generous drizzle of coconut nectar or maple syrup for sweetness
Generous sprinkle of kelp seasoning granules (optional)
Squeeze of lemon juice
Mix well and enjoy. Best eaten straight away.


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