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Square Foot Garden Progress & What To Do With All Those Tomatoes!

Collage of herbs including dill and basil

Square foot gardening is one of the BEST projects I have ever done.  I cannot tell you how much joy it is to grow fresh herbs and vegetables with minimal amount of work!  I have two, 4×2 feet garden beds along the side of my home.  It is the only place other than our front yard that gets enough sun, so we were limited, but thanks to square foot gardening I can still grow an abundance of organic food for our family!
I built these beds 3 years ago, other than the initial work of building the beds and mixing “Mel’s Mix” (the KEY to square foot gardening & my gardening success), square foot gardening is one of the easiest things I have done.  There is next to NO weeding.  Watering is minimal as the Mel’s soil mix absorbs and retains moisture, and the only thing I do each season is add one bag of compost to each bed at before planting.  

Two months change in a square foot garden
Impressive results, huh?  Every year the garden has performed beautifully and I have just had a ball with it.  Right now I am harvesting the sweetest tomatoes, lots of herbs, and patty pan squash.  My banana peppers are about a week away from harvest. I will be going to my local garden center and buying some kale starter plants for a cool fall harvest, as we live in Nebraska and the time is right.
Collage of tomatoes grown from garden

I’ve been eating tomato sandwiches, making fresh marina sauce, and eating lots of tomatoes on toast (my version of bruschetta.)  I even have enough to share with neighbors.  I’ve just started a Tomatoes! board on Pinterest that has lots of great ideas, so check that out if you, too, have an abundance of tomatoes.
{Tomatoes On Toast–Click here for recipe}

Do you garden?  What is your favorite thing to grow?  Have you ever thought about square foot gardening?
All New Square foot gardening- grow more in less space!
This is the book I used.  Best way to garden! 
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