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Our Captured Life-The Gifts Of August

      Capturing Life in Instagram Photos
    So thankful for these moments– these tidbits–that make up life.  
Capturing the moments visually is a gift.
It keeps me present, it keeps me thankful, & reminds me to live NEW!
Gifts #1020 – #1044
vegetables in mason jars
Nutrition & mason jars.  Two of my favorite things.
a broken window that looks like art
How broken can be beautiful.  A reminder of God’s heart on a downtown window.
baby girl eating a cookie
The pure joy of sneaking cookies to my little niece.  Our secret.
a picture of silly text from daughter to mother
Sweet silly texts from my Colsie
a nine year old girl playing soccer at soccer practice
Having an athlete in the family.  Wearing my Soccer Mom title proudly.
a messy livingroom, a sink full of dishes
Messes.  Energy to clean them. A home to clean. A family to pick up after.
a girl with purple highlights
Giving purple highlights to a girl I call “my heart”  I watched hers break as cancer took her Mom. How the steps she takes to heal her broken heart teaches mine.
a girl with short pixie cut and blond highlights in the bangs
My Lil’ Colsie.  Her cutest pixie cut.  Giving her fun highlights in the bangs.
Her confidence to wear such a bold look.  How God made her quirky and unique.
a clean girls bedroom with polkadot bedspread
A room cleaned without prompting from me.
Jesus calling devotional for kids at breakfast table
Morning breakfast and devotions everyday with my Lil’ One after older sisters are off to school.
Jesus calling devotional for kids
How God speaks clearly to me through a kids devotional.
Nebraska football stadium
Living in Nebraska.  Loving my city.  Loving the people in it.
chocolate birthday cake with four candles
A surprise birthday cake made by Lil’ sister for Older sister.
a teenager with green eyes taking photos of herself.
My oldest & the selfies she leaves on my phone.  Those eyes!
child doing art outside
A Sunday afternoon.  Lil’ One doing art in the backyard.
a romantic pit fire
Our fire pit.  Romantic moments of sitting by it with my man.
woman with long blond hair
Long hair!  3 years ago I was bald…not a stitch of hair on my head.  Healing.
family sitting at soccer game
Family who come out to watch Lil’ One’s soccer game.  The surprise cold drinks they bring.
seagrams sparkling key lime seltzer water
A bubbly drink with no sugar and no artifical sweeteners.  Yes!
S'mores made with apples slices instead of graham crackers
Making s’mores with the family.
pink baby shoes sitting on a dresser
Visits from my sister and her kids.  How her forgetfulness of little shoes and bloomers makes me smile for days as they sit on my dresser.
words about tamoxifen making you tired
Being forced to slow.  Being challenged to practice what I preach. Being thankful for the hard.  Figuring out supplements that help with fatigue.  Hope that it will get better.
grandma at kitchen table with computer
My Mother-In-Law, her willingness to learn social media so we can connect even more.  Having her for lunch.  Her willingness to help me clean my wood floors.  Her love.
babysitter with little boy and girl in a stroller
My middle girl & her first official babysitting job.  Her dedication to being a blessing of a babysitter.  Her love for kids.  My darling nephew and niece and the absolute joy they bring into our home.
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