Beauty Tips To Combat Allergy Face

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photo of woman with only one eye showing
Allergies are something very familiar to my family!  I grew up with such severe allergies that I had to stay in from P.E. & recess and play chess with my teacher!  I can now “kick- it” in chess, but I would have rather been outside kickin’ a ball as a kid.   I have outgrown my allergies, but now I watch as my own children and husband struggle with them.  
Zyrtec Allergy for Allergy Face
We do what we can to build up the immune system naturally, but there are specific seasons where Zyrtec is the only way to go in my family!   It is one of the main ways we combat allergies. My husband takes it year round my 8th grader daughter takes is seasonally, mainly in the fall until the first freeze.  
While Zyrtec makes you feel better, there is another problem I’d like to address, called Allergy Face  What is allergy face?  Watery red rimmed eyes, puffy face, red nose & what my doctor calls “allergy shiners” which are dark circles under the eyes.  Allergy Face is something that definitely effects my daughter, which is a problem as we all know these things matter REALLY matter when you are in middle school, and lets face it, it matters for most women suffering from Allergy Face.
Uncovering the face of allergies.
Can you believe 81% of women think they can never cover up their Allergy Face?  That high percentage really surprised me.  
The above video addresses how to deal with allergy face and gives some great makeup tips, which I had not thought of.
Here are a few of my own go-to beauty tips/methods for combating Allergy Face for when you are suffering from allergies and Allergy Face. 
~lay a hot washcloth over you face before applying makeup, allow the steam to soothe and de-puff itchy eyes
~use a good face moisturizer.  Often blowing your nose can make the skin around it dry and sensitive.  Moisturizer will help.  My daughter has been Say Yes To Tomatoes moisturizer, and likes it.  I like that it has no parabens in it!
~use a gentle eye makeup remover.  Consider making your own 2 Ingredient Organic Eye Makeup Remover.
~make sure you have a good concealer on hand to cover those ALLERGY FACE shiners!  I love Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics. This one is expensive, but it lasts for ever, is used by professionals in the beauty industry, and is the best I have ever used!  
~use same concealer to mask any redness from an itchy nose that has been blown too often.
~often the bottom inner lid of your eye is extra red due to itchy eyes.  Use this tip to cover it with a fun colored eyeliner, which will mask allergy face!
~use an eyedrop that redness out of eyes.
~make your lips the focus with bold color which will draw attention away from your eyes.
~consider using a Netti Pot along with your allergy meds as another way to combat allergies.  It washes the pollens out of the nasal cavity, which brings relief to many.
Want to learn more about Zyrtec and see how others are dealing with allergies and allergy face?  Then make sure to Check out Zyrtec on Facebook
Do you have allergy face?  Got any more tips that work for you?

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  • Anonymous
    January 27, 2014 at 2:32 am

    I just came across your blog and must say I’m kind of in love with it 🙂 I’m so glad I came across this post, as I suffer from allergies year round and it can be hard to cover it up sometimes. These tips have really helped, so thank you 🙂

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