New Nostalgia On Facebook — I Want To Know You and See Your Face!

New Nostalgia Facebook Page

We now have over 6,000 ‘likes’, and those ‘likes’ make up a wonderful community!

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Did you know New Nostalgia is on Facebook?  I would love for you to ‘like’ New Nostalgia and come join in the discussion and community happening over there! 
Why join New Nostalgia on Facebook?

~I can quickly ask you, my readers, questions and your opinion on things…love that!
~It is an easy way for me to share things I love but that wouldn’t take up a whole blog post.
~It is a great and easy way to share New Nostalgia with your friends.
~Giveaways and their winners are announced and celebrated there.
~It is one more way to make sure you never miss a New Nostalgia post.
~I get to see your beautiful faces in your profile pics!  I love putting faces and names together.
Click here to join.

New nostalgia on facebook

New Nostalgia Facebook page

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  • upnorth
    January 17, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Love all your posts, but I don’t do Facebook. It’s way too much info out there for everyone to see. Just saying for me, doesn’t mean anything! Earlene

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