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Last- Minute Continental Breakfast for 12

Continental Breakfast for 12

 I recently had some special people over for a quick breakfast.  I had to throw it together due to time restraints, but it was an important & meaningful event, a remembrance of a lost loved one, so really the food was not important.  What was important was that people felt loved on and comfortable in my home, and that I was freed from worrying about details to concentrate on what mattered and why we were all together.

I had about 1 hour to get things ready once my kids were off to school, so here is what I did:

~I stopped at our local bagel store & bought a dozen assorted bagels, sliced.  I also got a couple tubs of flavored cream cheese.

~I stopped at our local donut shop and bought a dozen assorted donuts, then cut them in half.  I like to do this so people can eat more than one type without getting too full.

~I stopped at our local health food store and picked up some orange juice, coffee & fruit.

~Once I was home, all I had to do was display the food in a pretty manner, slice the fruit, and make coffee.

It really only took about 15 minutes, and I was ready for my guests.  This can feed up to 12 people-I fed 7 people and we had a ton of leftovers.  I spent about $30.00, which is more than I usually spend to entertain, but the ease of this was worth the money, and the time with my loved ones was priceless.

Shopping List:
cream cheese
paper plates
orange juice
Easy peasy!

Continental breakfast
~Does this motivate you to have some of your loved ones over for brunch?
~If so, who would you have over?

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  • Jewels
    January 22, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    Thank you so much for this post! I have recently become responsible for creating the student-of-the-month breakfasts at the Junior High School. I’ve been looking for simple, yet classy, breakfast ideas that can be enjoyed in less than 20-30 minutes without cooking facilities. I just know that your hospitality made a sad occasion a bit more bearable. Thanks again.

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