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DIY Daily Sink Scrub

DIY Daily Sink Scrub for Shiny Sinks


This DIY Daily Sink Scrub could easily be called twice a day sink scrub because I use it at least twice a day— if not every chance I get! I can’t tell you the satisfaction I feel making such a simple, inexpensive but effective DIY cleaning product. Yes, satisfaction, and JOY!

I know, it is a stretch to use the word joy with a cleaning product but this sink scrub makes me so happy. I’ve learned that scent is a very powerful way to experience emotions, especially when the scent is essential oil –pure and from nature!

Sprinkle on DIY Daily Sink Scrub


DIY Daily Sink Scrub has just two ingredients—baking soda and essential oil. The essential oil not only makes it a powerhouse when it comes to disinfecting and cleaning your sink but can also be a powerhouse when it comes to affecting your mood!

When I sprinkle this scrub into my rinsed out sink, the aroma that drifts up is great. It hits your senses and is very awakening. I used Purify by Rocky Mountain Oils in my scrub, which I love!

Let me try to explain the scent–it is sharp, clean and lemony. It is a blend of lemongrass, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, myrtle and citronella. It definitely has a cleaning product type smell but in a pure and appealing way. I just love it. If I were to name the scent I would call it Power Clean, because it is a clean powerful scent, but not over-powering. Make sense?

DIY Daily Sink Scrub Shaker Top


I use a favorite little shaker jar for my scrub–it is just a repurposed spice jar. The shaker top is great, and I like the small size and that it only make a cup at a time so that I can have fun switching up the oils.

Next time I might go citrus with the disinfectant power of lemon essential oil. I will add a little grapefruit oil, too (my all-time favorite scent) and maybe a bit of lime. Inhaling those oils a couple of times a day will literally lift my spirits. Citrus oils are considered uplifting, happy scents. How cool is it that you can promote wellness while cleaning, and clean without breaking the bank? Yes!

So I have raved about this sink scrub smells and how you can change the scent up, but let’s talk about how it works. Baking soda is the perfect ingredient for cleaning with just the right amount of abrasion. It will not scratch your sink, but gives enough scrubbing power to really clean to a shine!  My stainless steel sink used to build a layer of grime up so quickly. Not anymore. Now that I use a daily scrub it is always shining.

DIY Daily Sink Scrub


Because of this DIY daily sink scrub, I am more purposeful about getting my dishes done, even the ones that won’t fit in the dishwasher. I want them all out of my sink so I can shine it up with sink scrub! I appreciate the little nudge the bottle gives me as I see it sitting there at my sink.

I keep it sitting out all of the time, labeled clearly and ready to grab and use. Washi tape and a Sharpie marker is perfect for labeling. Washi tape is another fun thing that can be changed up according to your mood. Check out Amazon for an amazing assortment of washi tape.

DIY daily sink scrub kept by the sink.


{inspired by Clean Mama’s recipe via Simply Clean book}


Shaker bottle (Here is my favorite shaker jar. You can use a grated cheese shaker, a sugar shaker, or a simple repurposed spice jar. You could even use a mason jar and a small spoon. Whatever is easiest.)

Mason Jar with Lid

1 Cup Baking Soda

10 Drops Essential Oils of your choice (here are some of my favorite essential oils for cleaning)

Washi Tape (love these prints)

Sharpie marker



Pour baking soda into a mason jar. Add essential oils. Mix with a kitchen knife. Fill the small shaker bottle with the mixture, then add a lid to the mason jar and store away any leftovers for later use. Under the sink is great for storing, as you want a cool, dark place to keep the integrity of the essential oils. Add the shaker top to the shaker bottle and label with washi tape and sharpie marker.


To Use:

Rinse the sink to moisten. Sprinkle DIY Daily Sink Scrub liberally all over the sink. Scrub (I use a sponge with a scrubby back, but a scrub brush would work, too) then rinse thoroughly. If I do this at night before bed, I will also dry it to a shine! Nothing like going to bed with a shiny sink!

Note: For extra dirty sinks, you can add a squirt of dish soap or castile soap to the sink after sprinkling with DIY Daily Sink Scrub. Then scrub and rinse.


If you make this scrub make sure you comment and let me know what you think. I think you will love it! I’d also like to know if you have used essential oils for cleaning and what your favorite scents are!

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Daily Sink Scrub with essential oils

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    May 10, 2017 at 1:06 pm

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