Love/ Spiritual



I’m feeling off-kilter. 

I know the solution to this problem, and that solution is time with God.  

He centers me.  My thoughts go all askew, He brings them back to truth.

For this to happen, I need time with Him. Reading His message, listening and talking to Him, knowing Him.  Like any relationship, little time together creates distance.  In this relationship, however, there is only one who chooses distance, never God, only me.  Time with Him is sweet.  Why do I let life and self distract?  

I let emotions distract. I am a feeler.  I have to work hard not to rely on my emotions and accept them as truth.  I have to compare what I am feeling with His truth.  My emotions are  beautiful when He is in my spotlight.  They lead me astray if not.

I am intuitive.  It is something lovely God did when He created me, but when I am caught up in my world, intuition deceives.  What I think is truth and what really is, are different.  Selfishness distorts what should be lovely.

I love the Bible- His word to me.  Its grounds me.  It reveals.  It gives me sweet fellowship with my dearest friend. It takes the crazy kaleidoscope of life and creates beauty.  It reminds me who I am and who He is.  It whispers gently, words that restore my essence, inflate my spirit, give me life.  It helps me to push pause on worry, and shows me what is outside my circle- the things I am not responsible for and cannot change. It spotlights what I can and should change in myself, and then reassures me that I am wholly loved, never alone, and fully whole.

It centers me, it makes Him my center.  

I read it, then I look through life’s kaleidoscope and it is lovely.


you’re the sweet dreams that soothe me

when i cant fall asleep
you’re the field
in the middle of the city
when i’m rushing by
at the speed of light

you’re the strong resolution
when I find no peace
you’re the church bells a ringing
in the evening
when all is quiet
your whisper comfort
lift my heart
i get so weak

Chorus: (x2)
oh you’re lovely lovely
you’re the center of my universe
(my universe)
a thousand times
i look around me and I find

you’re the soft words that touch me
when i just can’t speak
you’re the breeze on the ocean
in the morning
reminding me
to greet the day

you’re the flowers i remember
seeing in italy

colors through

a golden haze,

bright and radiant

soft and fragrant

in the noon day sun,

it makes me sing.

Chorus: (x2)

i understand
there may be grief
and there may be pain
but i am aware
you blind the darkness
with who you are

Chorus (x2)


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