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Captured Life Tidbits – Our Life In Instagram Photos

Captured life tidbits
                       So thankful for these moments– these tidbits–that make up life.
Capturing the moments visually is a gift.
It keeps me present, it keeps me thankful, & reminds me to live NEW!


Signs that my daughter is doing her homework.  Thankful that she cares.
Guinea pig smiles
Say hello to Snippy our guinea pig.
Girls in the car
Being silly on the way to piano recital.
Words of Truth
Words of truth.  He makes all wrong, right, in His time.
Breakfast date with daughter
Saturday Breakfast date with my Avery.
Working on blog in coffee shop
Working late on a Friday night to live music and dancing.
business cards
Sister designed and gifted my very first business cards.  Meet her here.
Rocket Fizz candy shop
Candy date with my Teagan
Bowling date
Bowling date with my Colsie
Fun gifts with girls
Our Karen Cali friend came to visit and brought gifts.  Meet her here.
Jumping Tandem Retreat
Being goofy at the Jumping Tandem Retreat.  Read more here.
Writing in a chair
Preparing to speak at the retreat.  My very first workshop.
Driving in the car
Quiet moments alone with God in my car.  A nice view.
Two women
The one who dreamed big and made the retreat happen.  Meet her here.
Amy Bowman and friend
Another heart friend.  You should know her.  Meet her here.
Dan King Photo
This pic was taken by the one and only Dan King. Meet him here.
Retreat workshop
Retreat workshop.  So glad I didn’t bomb.
Rice Krispie peanut butter banana bites
Avery concoctions from the kitchen.  Love!
Amy Bowman blogger
A meeting of sweet women hosted by this sweet woman.  Meet her here.
Reconstruction waiting room
The blessing of reconstruction.  Even if it is never-ending & ongoing!
Bathroom at plastic surgeons
The bathroom at my plastic surgeons office.  The fountain makes me happy.
 I could sit in there all day.  Ok, maybe not ALL day…
Venue Restaurant and Lounge
My Zy.  Celebrating her birthday.  Being girly and dressing up.  Precious dinner conversation.
Woman and daughter
Remembering her Momma.  Missing her.  Thinking of how proud she would be.
Emily Maynard tweet
My first celebrity tweet!  Weee!!
You are made for a God sized dream book
Best book.  Buy it here.
Pancake bites
Pancake bites.  Recipe here.
Piano recital
My 2 youngest getting better every year!
Pajamas and blanket
My jammies and my king- size fuzzy grey blanket.
I may or may not carry it everywhere & call it my blankie.
City Impact
My Colsie being leader at City Impact. Learn more here.
Sleepover with girls
Fast food breakfast run when we ran out of groceries on the weekend.
Mother's Day bike ride
Mother’s Day bike ride with my Avery
Flowers and daughter
Finding flowers on Mother’s Day.
Potted plants on patio
Potted plants on patio.
Young girl spilled goldfish
Throwback Thursday.  My Avery as a babe.
Little girl feet
The view I am greeted with every morning when waking up my Avery.
Girl sleeping in bed
I then tickle them, and get this.  She wakes up with a smile EVERY morning.  Who does that?
Funeral rememberance
These words, reminding me to smile.  Reminding me to make memories & capture life’s tidbits.
Reminding me that each day is a gift, and that we are created for eternity.
Thank you, Kristi, you will be so missed.

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