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One Thousand Gifts #32

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One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

~ 3 year old Lottie.  Her sweet but fighting spirit.  The gift of seeing her in person.  Her hug that brought such emotions of thankfulness for life, hers and mine.  Those new red curls of hers!!

~ a step family that treats me like the same blood runs through our veins.  Such love and is overwhelming.  So thankful to be included in the tradition of yearly Branson trips.

~Snickerdoodle Rum Chata enjoyed with Snickerdoodle cookies.  The laughs and bonding that come with it.

{2 of my sisters:)}

~being stuck in a car with those I love for a full 2 days.  Love road trips!

~cash handed to me by my dad as we left.  The freedom and fun it gave the whole trip.

~the generosity of others…meals paid for.  Thank you, Pam!  Thank you, Grandma!  Thanks for the Calamari appetizer, Valerie!

~time at Grandmas house.  The memories it stirs of Grandpa.  The blessing of him and his example to us.  I miss you, Gpa!!

{ sister & shopping!}

~stuck with my sisters in a hotel room.  Too. Much. Fun.

~meeting small new family members.  Luke, Gracie Jo, little Leah and 10 yr old Leah.  

{mmm, nom nom}

~sushi lessons from my sisters.  Their joy that I am now part of the club.

~little girls that miss me.  Their first words when I call “Mom, when are you coming home?”

~a husband that takes care of everything so I can enjoy “girl-time”

~my 12 year old, non-hugger, running to me with the biggest “welcome home” hug.  I melted.  She missed me!  So thankful for my relationship with her.

~my girls delight in the gifts I brought them.  They were small, but received with such thankfulness.

~a life that I am excited to come back to.  The realization of what a blessing that is.

{its not all mine:)}

~a dent made in my Christmas shopping

~past posts on fear, words reminding me of what He has done & that they still ring true. 

~a friends choice to move on from an old life.  The fun in following the adventures of his new life.

~a home that needs me and my attention.  Yes, housework is a gift, so is the time and ability to do it.


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