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This post brought to you by Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are 100% mine.
My birthday is at the end of November and I have always loved that fact.  It is the time of year where everything gets festive and twinkly.  I love bundling up and going out. I love child-like exhaling to see if it is cold enough for my breath to become visible.  I love snuggling up to my handsome husband as we walk briskly to our destination, holding hands a bit awkward as gloves get in the way.
My In-laws took our family out for my birthday last week.  They are members of a country club and the atmosphere and food there did not disappoint!  Conversation was sweet, and I sat back and felt so incredibly thankful as I watched my girls converse and enjoy their Grandparents. I am so very blessed to have In-laws whom I love and whom my children adore.
At the end of dinner my Mother-in-Law handed me an envelope. Inside was a gift card one of my MOST favorite stores — Bed Bath & Beyond.
I was giddy about the idea of going shopping, especially before the holidays, and especially because I get to spend the gift card on ME!  What fun!
As you all know if you have been reading recent posts, I have had to do a lot of resting lately due to surgery complications & reconstruction issues.  I was recently resting in bed, and decided to check out the Bed Bath & Beyond website to get ideas of what i would like to spend my birthday gift card on.
Can I just say I was blown away by the Bed Bath & Beyond website?  It is truly amazing, especially the Holiday Your Way section.  They have Holiday RecipesHoliday Entertaining, and tons of inspiration & tips to create a “Holiday Your Way!”
I was especially drawn to the Entertaining Section.
There is a Holiday Checklist:

a Serveware Gossary

& my favorite…Holiday Party Themes!

Here are a few of their Holiday Theme Party ideas.  Click through to their Holiday Entertaining section for tips and ideas on each type of Holiday Party.
Cookie Party
Snow Party
Gingerbread House Party
Indoor Carols
Gift Wrapping Party
Ugly Sweater Party
White Elephant Gift Exchange 
Tree Trimming Party
Snowflake Party
I don’t know about you, but those fun ideas definitely get me in the mood to entertain.
Back to my birthday gift card, I found a few fun festive ideas of how I might spend it.  I’m all about small touches of the holiday season in my home.  I didn’t overdue it with decor this year, but a little holiday touch in each room makes me very happy!  Here are a few things from Bed Bath and Beyond that caught my eye that would add to the Christmas spirit in my home:

Felt Snowflake Coasters –how cute are these?  They are only $1.99!  Can you believe that price?

Yankee Candle–I can’t go to Bed Bath & Beyond without inhaling the new scents and I usually walk out with at least one.

Gorgeous & Unique Nativity Set–I may have drooled a little while looking at this.  So beautiful!

Burlap Polka Dot Place Mats–I love burlap.  I love polka dots.  I think I must have these.
So many fun items, it is hard to decide!
Be sure to check out the Bed Bath & Beyond Holiday Your Way site to help you plan your parties.  Remember to enjoy every moment of the season, especially with those you love!
What are some of your favorite holiday tips and treats?  Please share them with me!

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