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A By-The- Bed Basket –A Great Gift Idea For Someone Who Is Sick

The last two weeks I have spent lots of time in bed.  I am healing from reconstruction surgery, and due to some complications, the healing time is taking longer than I expected.

Honestly, I sure don’t mind some chill time, especially now that I am just sore, and not in pain.  I am one that loves my quiet time, and I really love my bedroom and bed, so really it is fine to have to rest a bit.

One thing that has made my time in bed enjoyable is this handy dandy basket.  I have kept everything I need close by in it.


The basket has evolved over the last 2 weeks. It started out pretty empty, put together by my thoughtful 10-year-old Avery right after my first surgery.  She gathered the things she saw all over my bed and put them in a basket all pretty.  You can see what she did in the pic below.

She put my purple binder with hospital discharge instructions in it.  My lip balm, my glasses, the TV remote, my Nook, my devotional, pain meds, body butter and a jar of pens.  She even added a little snack.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have added to it, as you can see. Between this basket, my phone,  TV, laptop, my favorite water bottle, my fuzzy blanket & this basket, I have been set!  My requests for help from my family to bring me things that I need have been minimal.


{My sweet friend polished my toes for me.  I’ve been so very spoiled!}

I’m thinking I may keep my basket around even after I’m healed. It is just handy and convenient, and I love spending time in my room and bed.

 This would also make a GREAT gift for someone who is sick or is going to have surgery or is just laid up for whatever reason.  

Here is what I keep in mine:

1. Bath & Body Works Lemon Lip Balm–my all time fav.

2. Bath & Body Works Lemon Room Spray–this smells so fresh and clean.

3. A wonderful, encouraging book by author Danea Horn called Chronic Resilience–10 Sanity-Saving Strategies for Women Coping With the Stress of Illness.  Buy this book as a gift for yourself or your friends if it applies.  It is a wonderful book.

4. Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter–another one of my all time favs.  This has been so soothing to my skin after removing tape and bandages.  I.V. fluid from surgery also makes my hands swell and feel dry, so this cream brought relief.

5. Dark Chocolate.  My sister-in-law knew I loved these Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds from Trader Joes and brought them to me with some groceries last week.  Best gift!

6. Alba Hawaiian Lip Gloss–For when you want to feel a bit girly.  The smell of this takes me to the tropics, which was needed when I was in pain!

7. Magazines-a sweet friend, Kashoan from Krafty Kash left these on my porch last week.  Another great gift!

8. A notebook

9. My Scripture Devotion journible.

10. My Nook.  3 Books I have loved is  The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom, Sweeping Up Glass by Carolyn Wall, and now I am reading The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield.

11. A jar of pens, scissors, nail files, & thermometer.  Avery had to make sure her duct tape rose pen was in there.

12. My prescription meds

13. Advil/Tylenol

14. Deodorant

15. My Vita-Strips — I believe these are a key to my healing well.

Another hint is to move furniture if you need to.  I moved this little end table right up alongside my bed so I don’t have to reach.  It has flowers from my sister-in-law on it, a candle to make it cozy in here, and usually, my water bottle is on it.

Here is the water bottle I use.  Lemon is very cleansing and detoxing.  Perfect for someone who is sick.

Cheers to everyone feeling better, or at least feeling loved and comforted while they are down.


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  • Linda@Creekside
    November 8, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Love corraling everything in one pretty place! So thankful to hear that you’re recovering! And those red tootsies certainly are spirit-lifters!

    Rest well …

  • AmyT
    November 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    This rocks. I love lemon too!! Love the room spray idea. And your daughter is super sweet in caring for you. I give her A+ for good daughter grade!
    I’ve found that I’m allergic to tapes except tegaderm (stuff they use for IV’s typically) and Coban (stretchy tape that wraps and sticks to itself

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