Top Health Tips From Pinterest

Top health tips

These are some top health pins from Pinterest.  Pinterest is a great way to get inspired when it comes to health.  Are you following my health boards?  Please do!  Click here.
Why you should eat your iron
1. Get your iron from plant foods. Plant foods are a great way to get iron.  Especially seeds like chia and hemp.  Iron in meat comes with cholesterol and calories.  Iron in seeds and plant foods/vegetables come with a whole host of amazing-ness for your body.  Anti-oxidants, phytochemicals & they are low calorie, too! 
Here is a list of other plant foods high in iron:
1. Pumpkin seeds: 2 tbsp. = 8.6 mg
2. Spinach: 1 cup = 6.4 mg
3. Pine nuts: 2 tbsp. = 5.2 mg
4. Hemp seeds: 4.7 mg per 100 grams
5. Swiss chard: 1 cup = 4 mg
6. Figs: 10 figs = 4 mg
7. Sunflower seeds: 2 tbsp. = 3.8 mg
8. Parsley: 1 cup = 3.7 mg
9. Tomatoes: 1 cup = 3.4 mg
10. Coconut: 3.4 mg per 100 grams
11. Potatoes: 1 large = 3.2 mg
12. Beets & Beet greens: 1 cup = 2.7 mg
13. Sweet peas: 1 cup = 2.5 mg
14. Chia seeds: 1 oz. = 2.2 mg
15. Almonds: 2 tbsp. = 2 mg
16. Sprouts: 1 cup = 2 mg
17. Apricots: 10 apricots = 2 mg
18. Bok choy: 1 cup = 1.8 mg
19. Collards: 1 cup = 1.5 mg
20. Kale: 1 cup = 1.2 mg
21. Grapes: 1 cup = 1.2 mg
22. Broccoli: 1 cup = 1.1 mg
23. Avocado: 1 avocado = 1 mg
24. Brussels sprouts: 1 cup = 0.9 mg
25. Bananas: 1 banana = 0.5 mg

Food in baggies 
2. Prepare smoothie ingredients ahead of time. These Ziploc Freezer Smoothie Bags are one of the most popular posts here at New Nostalgia and have been pinned on pinterest thousands of times.  When I have a freezer full of these, even my kids can grab one and go straight to the blender.  So fast and convenient. 

Mason jar drink with lemon
3. Drink your way to weight loss! I made this great recipe after I saw a similar one on the Dr. Oz show.  He featured a recipe for Tangerine Mint Green Tea as part of a series of foods that help one lose weight.  He called it Tangerine “Weight-Orade.” It is another post of mine that has gone viral on pinterest, being pinned over and over. Thank you for that!

Detoxification bath
4. Take a detox bath. This is a great article on detox baths and all the benefits of them.  I personally take an epson salt/detox bath at least once a month, and did them a lot more often after I had radiation.  I feel a huge difference in my energy level the following day, but I always make sure to take them right before bed as they make me VERY relaxed & sleepy.

Foods to buy organic
5. Know which fruits and veggies retain the most pesticides. I refer to this list often, especially when I am buying fruits and vegetables for juicing and green smoothies.  

Nutrient density index and scores

6. Read this book! My husband and I just finished reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live book.  It is one of the most impactful books I have ever read on eating and health.  It is life changing and simply spelled out what to eat and why.  Dr. Fuhrman encourages you to eat foods with high nutrient density.  The above graphic is an eye opening list of foods.  Plant foods rock!

Gaiam Tv ad
7. Join this site. Last but not least, a site I have just learned about and am very excited about is Gaiam TV.  It is unlimited viewing of hundreds of yoga, health and fitness videos.  Exercise anytime, anywhere, with NO COMMERCIALS.  There is a free trial going on now, and you can continue on for $9.95 a month.  Much cheaper than a gym membership and so worth it when it comes to your health!  If you click the link and sign up, I will get a small referral percentage.  Thanks for looking!
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