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The Nativity Story /Family Movie Night

Above is a preview of the movie “The Nativity Story.” We watched this as a family (minus our youngest who was 5 last year, because of the “murder of all firstborn sons” scene) last December.  It is a beautiful movie, and it really made an impression on my older girls (they were 7 and 9), they are both so visual, it really helped bring the story to life for them.  I would like to make a tradition of watching it every year, so I plan on making some homemade popcorn and some fudgy buttons so we can snack, snuggle and watch it together on a near- future family movie night!

Most Friday nights you will find us at home, in the basement with popped corn, cozying up on the couch and watching either recored tv or a movie as a family.

During the summer months and during the month of December, (summer break and winter break) we buy the Blockbuster Monthly Movie pass. (it is called the Blockbuster total access in-store subscription)  It allows 2 movies out at a time, unlimited amount of time, for 30 days, one fee.  This is our little family splurge, it replaces going to the movie theatre as a family, so really, it is quite inexpensive comparably.  We usually get the deal that allows us to rent wii games, too, so that is super fun when the cousins are over for summer/winter break sleepovers.  The best part is NO late fees!!

I love it.  We are able to catch up on the movies we missed throughout the year.  Todd and I have had many fun date nights watching a movie in our basement once the kids go to bed.  Who needs a movie theater?

When we don’t have the pass, we watch recorded tv as a family, like “Amazing Race” or “American Idol,” on the weekends.  As you can tell, we are a family who likes our tv!

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