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The Key To Waking Up Early In The Morning and Establishing a Morning Routine


I am now a morning person, but I have not always been. The key to waking up early in the morning for me has been simply this:




Yep. That is it. Sure there are tips and tricks that can help the process…but really it comes down to what you personally desire and what is most appealing to you at that moment when the alarm goes off.

On days that I repeatedly hit the snooze button (which is pretty rare), it is a sign that all is not right in my world and I need to look deeper and reevaluate. It is a personal heads up for me.

So what is more appealing to me than staying in a warm cozy bed?




That sounds cliche’ and boring, but it really is not either of those things for me, on the contrary, it is quite personal and exciting.


Waking Up In The Morning to Live Your One Precious Life

Fighting cancer twice and an anxiety disorder are 2 realities in my story that have forced me to evaluate what type of life I really want to live.

I have been told I have a 50/50 percent chance to be alive in 10 years. I am in year 8 and goodness what a gift life is!  I have stared death in the eye, both mine and others.

I have watched several of my loved ones pass away, literally have felt hearts cease and blood stop pulsating through their precious veins. I have watched eyes go from life-filled to lifeless.

I have had the honor to speak at funerals. I’ve watched caskets lower into the ground, clinging to the flower taken from the top of it just moments before.

I feel a bit greedy every time I do this, but I do not care because I want one more piece of that person to keep just for me.

But then, I watch the flower wilt and die too, a reminder that death is inevitable for every living thing. We have one life we get to live and yes, it is so very precious.


morning bible verse


Mornings and Morning Routines are KEY For Me to Live Well

As for that anxiety disorder I mentioned? It is a great teacher. It has taught me how to slow.

In order to have time for deep breathing, journaling, prayer, and starting my day with a slow perspective, I must wake up early.

Also, an early morning dose of anti-anxiety medication is always welcomed and needed and allows me to do all of those previously mentioned things. It is an answer to prayer that calms me enough to pray.

Managing anxiety for me looks like slowing down in order to be able to name it, process the why, and access the tools God has given me to address it.

If I don’t access these tools first thing in the morning, it doesn’t happen, and my day feels off and my heart beats just a bit too fast the rest of the day.


sheets of printables


The Key to Morning Routine – It Must Be Appealing

So my ultimate reason for getting up in the morning is a purpose-filled, anxiety free, meaningful life. But there has got to be a bit of fun appeal, too. Let’s face it. Laying in bed can be quite fun, cozy and comforting.

Especially when my warm, sweet husband is in it! I actually blame him if I hit the snooze button too many times…I guess it can be a sign that all is right in the world, too! 😉

I purposefully have things that are appealing to me, waiting for me to get up. These things are going to look different for different people, depending on personality, what brings comfort, and what is fun, appealing and meaningful to them.

Here are what is appealing for me…the things that REALLY get me out of bed and help make my intentional life happen.


  • The quiet of early morning before my family wakes up
  • Low light and candles, especially in the fall and winter
  • Essential oils diffusing (blends I use)
  • French press coffee and a load of dishes that get put away while it is brewing
  • My soft warm robe and slippers
  • My cozy swing chair in the corner of my room
  • Journal and a pen to capture thoughts in morning pages
  • An empty journal page to fill up with listing the things I’m thankful for
  • A morning favs playlist on Spotify
  • My Bible app and the truth it speaks to my soul each day
  • Cozying in and talking to God about all the things
  • Prayers for my girls (using my Pray for Your Kids Cards from the shop)
  • A prayer app that keeps track of all my requests
  • How my body feels after morning yoga stretches
  • Filling out my Daily Docket and planning my day
  • Having all of this self-care and soul-care done before the sun comes up
  • Looking up out the window, and noticing the sky change from dark to dim to light!


Just reading that list makes me excited.

Seriously, there are evenings when I prepare the night before by laying out my robe and setting my alarm, that I feel giddy about morning coming. It has become my most favorite time of day and I so look forward to it.


Future Morning Routines From New Nostalgia

I will be breaking my morning routine down step by step in upcoming posts. Like BABY STEP by baby step.

I’ve already been doing that on my Instagram stories each morning, and you can find the past shares in my highlights on Instagram under ‘Morning Routine.’

My hope is to show MY way, to maybe inspire you and give you ideas on how you can make it personal and work YOUR way.

My hope is to inspire all to start their day in a way that will empower them to live an intentional, meaningful, and purposeful life.



Does this morning routine series sound appealing to you?

Do you have a morning routine?

What is working for you? What are you struggling with?


Comment below and tell me all about it!

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  • Rachel
    October 26, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    I’d love to see your morning routine broken down!
    I have a toddler and find it easy to get up to her in the mornings 🙂 I like waking up to her calling me, rather than to an alarm! I have a good routine with getting up with her – get us both dressed, breakfast and cleanup, and most mornings we go out (then come home for a nap and housework in the afternoons)… I actually really like this routine!
    What I’m working on right now though is actually setting my alarm for about an hour before she usually wakes up, so that I can have some of that time you’re talking about – for me, pilates or a walk by myself; just that time to myself… And here in Queensland, Australia we’re coming into summer and it’s soooo hot and humid already, so I NEED those early mornings to be able to get outside when it’s not stinking hot!

    • AmyNewNostalgia
      October 27, 2018 at 12:08 pm

      Hello Rachel from Australia! So fun to have you and I’m always delighted to see that a large percent of my readers are from Australia (analytics lets me know what country my readers are from). I always forget that when we are cozying in for winter you are prepping for summer!

      Oh I remember those sweet days of babies and toddlers being my alarm clock in the morning, they used to crawl in bed with us and snuggle and there was nothing better, especially on the weekends!

      Your routines sound so sweet, meaningful and productive. Yes…so hard as a Mom of littles to find time for yourself! I like your goal to wake up a bit earlier…I will actually be talking about this in some upcoming posts.

  • ali
    October 26, 2018 at 10:11 am

    I like your routine! Seems quite and comforting. I also like going to the garden (in summer), sometimes even walking barefoot 🙂
    Do you think that it is a sign that if somebody likes such routines then they’re not a passionate person?

    • Rachel
      October 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm

      Hi Ali,
      I thought I’d join the conversation here 🙂
      I am very much a routine person, but I find it gives me MORE passion for my life! When I have good routines going (for example, a good routine as Amy has described above), I find that the rest of the day I am much more energized and focused! 🙂

      • ali
        October 27, 2018 at 11:31 am

        Thank you Rachel for the encouragement because I needed it. 🙂

        • AmyNewNostalgia
          October 27, 2018 at 12:01 pm

          Hi Ali! Someone who can delight in gardens and indulge in the beautiful sensation of walking barefoot sounds very passionate about life to me! You seem to notice and enjoy the small things. We are all wired differently and will be passionate about different things, so routine will look different for us all. I agree with Rachel though…meaningful routines make me a much more passionate person and give me a zest for life. <3 Loved your comment and question.