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Family Christmas Tree Trimming: A Survival Guide

Tips For Trimming The Christmas Tree

It is the first week in December and time to trim the Christmas tree! We are big into traditions Christmas traditions and family tree trimming is one of them.  We have made some sweet memories over the years–and some not so sweet memories. If you follow me on instagram, you will know we had a tree topple while halfway decorated a couple of years ago. It made for a great photo– little me holding up a great big tree with lights all hanging off & ornaments all around my feet–thankfully we only lost a couple of them!

We are going to decorate as a family tonight, and I am really looking forward to it.  These moments with my family are so sweet right now, as I find my girls growing up so fast and have recently been reminded just how precious life is. I am trying to savor every moment.


Here are a few things I am going to do that will help us survive trimming the tree as a family:

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