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Sugar Free Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites


{A recipe from our Raw Foods Contributing Author, Teniel Moore.}

Oh how I love the combination of chocolate, nuts and peanut butter. To me, its like a match made in heaven, so this super fast brownie bite seemed the perfect thing to whip up when I was feeling like a quick sweet treat.

This slice is super rich and not meant to be overly sweet.  It is perfect for those wanting to cut back on sugar or who are on a candida diet.

If you love this combination as much as I do, I’m sure you are going to enjoy this one!


Sugar Free Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites

1/2 cup melted Organic Coconut Oil

1/4 cup Natural Peanut Butter (homemade is even better)

1/2 cup raw Cacao Powder

generous dash of  Himalayan Pink Salt

3/4 cup  organic walnuts, slightly crushed, but still chunky

Stevia to taste – around 6 drops, but taste as you go


Mix all the ingredients together and press into a small slice container lined with wax paper.

Pop into the freezer for at least 30 minutes to an hour if you can wait that long.  Slice into small squares.

Option:  Replace the stevia with some coconut nectar to make a sweeter version.



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Asian Raw Noodles

{by Teniel Moore-Raw Foods Contributor}
I adore asian flavors, so I was so happy to come up my raw version of asian style noodle salad. This is a delicious and refreshing salad using kelp noodles as the base.
Salad Ingredients:
1 pack kelp noodles (see below)
1 zucchini spiralled
1 carrot spiralled (optional)
1/2 corn cob raw
1/4 red capsicum sliced finely
lots of fresh coriander/ cilantro stem and all chopped finely
red chilli for garnish
1 large spring onion sliced on an angle
crushed cashews for garnish
black sesame seeds for garnish
Sauce Ingredients:
1.5 tbsp of almond butter
 1 tbsp of miso soaked in a little water to make runny
1/2 large lime – this was a very juicy lime so you might need more
Stevia to taste  or coconut nectar to taste
1 small garlic clove minced
1 tsp of grated ginger minced
1 tbsp of water to make the sauce go further


Mix all these sauce ingredients together really well and pour all through noodles. Mixing well
with tongs to combine. Serve piled high on a nice serving plate.
Garnish with crushed cashews, black sesame seeds, cilantro and chilli slices & a wedge of lime.
Makes 2 generous servings


One of my favorite tools in my raw food kitchen is my spirooli.
The brand I use is Chef Avenue. This makes great noodles out of vegetables.
I used my spirooli to make the zucchini and carrot noodles for this recipe.
It makes eating veggies so much fun.
Kelp Noodles:
Kelp noodles are a wonderful ingredient. They really have no flavor so can be very versatile in raw food uncooking.
They are actually a sea vegetable in the form of a noodle. Made from only kelp, salt and water.
Kelp noodles do not need to be cooked.
My Tip:
Soak your kelp noodles in filtered water with the juice of a lemon for at least a couple of hours.
This is recommended as it helps make the noodles softer. Give it a go it really works.
Then drain well and they are ready to go.
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Carob Almond Joys

{by Teniel Moore-Raw Foods Contributor}

Looking for something a little sweet to go with your cup of tea? How about my Carob Almond Joys? These delicious balls are great for those looking to quit sugar. They are sugar free!

Did I mention they are super easy to make? 

So put the kettle on, because before you know it you will be devouring these with your cup of tea.

Carob Almond Joys


2 spoons*  raw carob powder

2 spoons*  almond butter (home made is best)
4 spoons* water
1 spoon* hemp seeds
1 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut + some extra for rolling
Generous squeeze of stevia (date paste would work well instead) 

In a bowl mix all ingredients well, roll into balls and roll in extra coconut. Store in the fridge or freezer.
Makes approximately 9 balls. Double the mix to make more.

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Raw Gingerbread Cookies

by Teniel Moore {raw foods contributor}

Who doesn’t love a gingerbread cookie at this time of the year?
To me the smell and spices of gingerbread reminds me of Christmas.

I have a wonderful easy raw gingerbread recipe for you that is made from all wholesome ingredients. Nothing highly processed or artificial.

A cookie you don’t have to feel bad about eating. Sounds good to me! This recipe does require a dehydrator. But don’t despair if you don’t have one. This cookie dough is good enough to eat raw.

Here are the delicious ingredients:

How to:

Raw Gingerbread Cookies
1 cup almond flour
1 cup oat flour
1/2 cup coconut sugar
2 tsp freshly grated ginger
1/4 cup coconut nectar
2 tsp black strap molasses
1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg

Make your own almond and oat flour by grinding nuts and oats in a coffee grinder.

Place all the dry ingredients into a food processor and blend, then add the wet ingredients and blend.  Mix should come together in a ball.

Put mix on dehydrator sheet and roll out with your hands.  Mix will be sticky.  Cut into any shape you like.  Makes approximately 16 circle cookies.
Dehydrate on 105 for at least 6 hours, then take off the dehydrator sheet and continue to dry on trays until dried through.  Usually it will take at least12 hours or more.  Keep in the refrigerator. 


Your mix should come together into a ball in your food processor. It will feel a little sticky but should be firm enough to hold together & ready to be rolled out onto your dehydrator tray. 

You can make the cookies just oval shapes, but I love to make stars, large gingerbread men or Christmas trees. Have fun & make use of your Christmas cookie cutters while in the festive season.

Remember these cookies are not going to rise or change shape so they can be placed very close together on your dehydrator tray.

These cookies go nice with a glass of home made almond milk. A good treat to leave out for Santa this Christmas eve.

Raw gingerbread cookie dough tastes great raw too. So if you don’t have a dehydrator then simply roll the dough into balls and enjoy. I also love to crumble up some gingerbread cookies and top it onto some home made gingerbread ice- cream.

I hope you enjoy these cookies just as much as I do.

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Amazing Apple Pie Bites

I had 2 weeks worth of delicious meal brought to our home while I was  We were so spoiled with great food, and these Amazing Apple Pie Bites were one of my favorite food items brought.
My friend Andrea brought a great meal for us.  She made us Rachel Rays Italian Sub Stoup.  The flavor of this stoup was SO good. It has been forever since I have had an Italian Sub, and this soup tasted just like one.  Andrea used ground beef instead of sausage, and did not use as much meat as Rachel does in the recipe.  She also skipped the garlic toast floaters and brought us some Beer Bread instead.  She brought the soup in a crockpot and cooked/kept the pasta separate until ready to serve.  She also brought us a simple cinnamon apple salad, which I will write about soon.  It was all so yummy.
On to the Apple Pie Bites!  They are so healthy, a nice protein snack, and really, really good.  I froze half of them and let another girlfriend of mine taste them when she came over.  She LOVED them and could not believe they were sugar free.  The dates make them a nice sweet treat, and the dried apple gives them a great texture and amazing REAL apple flavor.  There is just the perfect amount of cinnamon added.  They are truly the perfect treat.
I was sound asleep when Andrea delivered the meal, but my 3 girls couldn’t stop talking about this little cutie, Andrea’s little helper/delivery boy. How cute us he?  He melts me every time I see him, and the way my girls were gushing about him, I know he had that affect on them, too!
Amazing Apple Pie Bites {from Our Paleo Life}

1 cup pecans
1/2 cup almonds
1-1 1/2 medjool dates, pitted (about 10-12 dates)
3/4 cup dried apple slices (not apple chips) (no sugar added)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of sea salt

1. Combine all ingredients in the order listed, in a food processor.

2. Process until mixture resembles coarse gravel.

3. While the processor is running, add a thin stream of water, about 1 tsp, maybe less depending on the moistness of your dates.

4. Stop the processor and check the consistency of the mixture.  If it sticks together when you smush it, then you’ve got the right consistency.  If it’s still crumbly, add more water.  You don’t want to add too much water because the bites will be too sticky.

5. When you’ve go the right consistency, roll mixture into tablespoon-size balls.

6. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a week or so.  Can also freeze them.


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Chia + A Recipe For Sugar Free Creamy Chia Cup

by Teniel Moore {Raw Foods Contributor}
I love chia seeds. Do you?
Not only are these tiny seeds full or protein, omega 3 and loaded with vitamins minerals and antioxidants, they are also extremely versatile and a great staple in my cupboard always.
Here are a few of the things I do with my chia seeds:
~I add it to bread mixes
~I make raw chia crackers
~I use it as an egg replacement in my cooking
~I make chia cereal
~I add it to smoothies
~I grind them and add to raw goodie balls
But today I want to share with you my latest flavour combination and addiction.

Sugar Free Creamy Chia Cup

1 – 2 Tablespoons of chia seeds
9 or more Tablespoons of almond milk  (add more if needed as the seeds swell)
1 Tsp of raw maca powder
1 Tsp of unhulled tahini
1 Tsp of sprouted crunchy buckwheat (optional)
1 Tsp of cacao nibs
dash of cinnamon
few drops of stevia to taste
Get yourself a pretty cup or bowl and mix all these ingredients together. Keep stirring well so that all the chia seeds get mixed around and the tahini and stevia gets evenly distributed throughout.
Set in the fridge for at least 10 minutes. If it needs more liquid simply add more almond milk and stir again. This is a great recipe to make up the night before and can be a very sustainable breakfast on the go. 
Before serving you can add some more cacao nibs, buckwheat cinnamon & tahini purely to make it look pretty. Grab a spoon and enjoy.

My son loves his chia seeds with grated apple and raw honey or blueberries and mango. He sometimes takes it to kindergarten for his lunch. Any chia cereal combination makes a great portable snack.
I hope you enjoy making this fast simple and nutrient dense snack just as much as I do.




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Sugar Free High Raw Chocolate Mint Bars


by Teniel Moore {Raw Foods Contributor}
Do you love chocolate & Coconut?
 I’ve got a yummy little raw treat that you can devour straight from the freezer.
In Australia we have biscuits called Mint Slice (you call them cookies we call them biscuits). I’m not sure if you have mint slice in America, but I’m sure you have something similar.
These little raw treats remind me exactly of those biscuits. Except my version is not filled with refined sugars and preservatives. In fact my version does not even contain sugar! Extra bonus!
Ingredients for Coconut Base: All organic if you can
  • 3/4 Cup shredded coconut  (make sure to buy no added sugar coconut) add a little more to make it go further if you like. I often do.
  • Stevia drops to taste
  • 1/4 Cup of melted Coconut oil
  • 1 Capful of peppermint oil  (I use the organic frontier brand this oil is the only thing that makes these bars not 100% raw. But the peppermint oil is what makes the slice what it is. So don’t skip this part)
  • 1/4 Heaped cup of cashews
Ingredients for chocolate coating: All organic if you can
  • 1-2 Tbs of Raw cacao powder
  • Approximately 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • Stevia to taste
The quantities for this chocolate coating is really a huge guesstimate! I never measure this part I’m sorry. Just add as much of each to give it a smooth silky consistency not too runny but not too thick. You need this to coat the bars nicely.
Blend your cashews and coconut together in a high speed blender till well combined and broken down. Next add your coconut oil stevia and your peppermint oil. Taste as you go and add more stevia or peppermint oil if needed.
Now take your mixture about a table spoon at a time and mould into the shape you like. I choose to do bars but round patties would work well also.
Line your bars up on a lined container that will fit in your freezer.
Pop your bars into the freezer for at least 20 minutes  to firm up while you make the chocolate mixture.
To make the chocolate mix together your melted coconut oil, stevia & raw cacao powder till silky and smooth.
Dip your frozen bars into the chocolate mix till evenly combined and well covered. Pop back in the freezer to set. You can repeat this process again to make sure you have a nice thick coating on your bars.
Store your mint bars in the freezer. They should keep for months but I’ve never tested that theory in my house, as they don’t last very long.
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I hope you enjoy this recipe and go make them for your self.
I would love to hear your comments and feed back.