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The Daily Mood

My mom gives the best gifts.  

She made me smile so much this last week as we were together celebrating her birthday.  She kept wanting to buy me a gift when we were supposed to be shopping for HER birthday!  That is just how she is–a gift giver.
This is why it didn’t surprise me when on her birthday, she had gifts in hand for everyone else.

The gift she had for me made me LAUGH!!
She knew the hormone therapy I am on has done a number on my already moody self, so she bought me
47 different moods are included on these flip cards, with the definition of each mood on the back.  
The cute, round, mood people on each card are enough to brighten my mood!
  We had a good laugh looking through the cards, my favorite being:
turned or twisted toward one side; cockeyed.  Not right, odd; funky
I’m not feeling too wonky today, but my hair is!!!
I also like 
sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner; snide.
Irritable or short-tempered; irascible
Snarky is describes as a witty mannerism, personality, or behavior that is a combination of sarcasm and cynicism.  Usually accepted as a complimentary term, snark is sometimes mistaken for a snotty or arrogant attitude.
Snarky made me laugh because I had just had a conversation about that word the day before with a friend of mine (Hi, Deb) who described herself as Snarky.  
I think this would be great sitting by the “time out” chair.  I just may be the perfect way to calm and distract a moody child, and help them figure out how they are feeling and why!
Today, I would say I am 
very satisfactory

I am grateful that for once, I am not:
*if you have a moody friend and want to help, you can purchase The Daily Mood here at Amazon for a great price!:)
**if you use a link to Amazon from my site, whatever you purchase, I will receive 6% of that purchase. 
That makes me feel

and Thankful.

Baggu-This Would Make Me Happy!

I’ll take one in every color, please.

Plastic is bad, Baggu is Rad. (my sisters make fun of me when I say “rad”)
They have Big Baggu, Baby Baggu, Drawstring, Duck Bag and even Produce Bags.

Makes Me Happy- Clementines!

Clementines make me very happy.  Even the name is happy!  There are many reasons why:

~they are pretty, such a beautiful bright, shiny orange.
~they are so easy to peel that even little child fingers can do it
~they are usually seedless
~they are the perfect snack size
~they have almost 100% of the vitamin C one needs in a day
~they taste good cold or at room temp
~they are perfect for bagged lunch
~they are a very healthy snack
~they take care of my sweet tooth
~they are fun to juggle with

Clementines are known as the “seedless tangerine.”  California clementines are available from mid-November until January; this availability is why they are referred to in some areas as “Christmas Oranges”

I think they would be perfect stocking stuffers!

FUN/DIY/ HOME/ Homemaking

Makes Me Happy– Under-The-Cabinet Music Player


I find a lot of joy in cooking and baking, but I pretty much despise doing the dishes, that is, until I bought an amazing item that should be in every woman’s kitchen.  AN UNDER- THE- CABINET MUSIC PLAYER!  Oh yeah, its the bomb. (I have this one..Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 CD/Clock Radio (Silver)

Its up out of the way, it has a clock that makes a great little night light, a timer (so handy when I have the oven timer going and need another, for naughty girl time- outs!),  a radio and cd player.  Oh, can’t forget my favorite feature, it has a little holder and adapter for my ipod!   Isn’t that GREAT?  Makes me happy, which reminds me that we use it often to play happy songs on those grumpy mornings, when the breakfast table is full of grumps.  I also use it most nights as a signal that the evening is slowing down and bedtime is approaching, by turning lights low and playing chill music.

As Christmas is approaching, I find myself starting to think of gift ideas.  If you have parents or grandparents who are hard to buy for, this would be a great gift. Not the most inexpensive one, but hey, it would knock 2 people off your list and make them happy!

I got the idea from a girlfriend (Keeli!) who was tossing around good gift ideas with me last Christmas. Notice I bought one for myself instead of getting one for someone else:) If you really wanted to go all out, they even have them with dvd players and a tv screen that swivels!!  This is great for little ones who are under foot while cooking.  Grab a little stool, stick in some Blues Clues, and problem solved! (yes, I am suggesting using Blue to babysit, ya gotta get dinner made somehow, right?)

So there it is.  An under-the-cabinet music player.  Makes me happy!!

FUN/DIY/ HOME/ Homemaking/ Simplifying

Makes Me Happy-Wooden Clips

In my quest to simplify, I have tried to get rid of stuff that takes up space, and replace it with something more practical, simple and cheap.  These wooden clips fit that description perfectly.  They are so much better than having a bunch of plastic, different colored chip clips laying around, or shoved in drawers.  I personally have very, very little drawer space in my kitchen. VERY little.  Like, 2 normal size drawers, and one itty bitty skinny drawer stuck in the corner.  One drawer I have my silverware in, the other I have miscellaneous utensils/measuring cups, and the itty bitty one is the only ‘junk’ drawer I allow myself in the whole house.

I’ve actually found a way to be grateful for my lack of drawer space. It forces me to be strategic in my kitchen and really think through everything I bring into it.
 Back to the clips, I love these things!  I use them all the time and keep them in a mason jar;) in a very accessible spot in my pantry.  Makes me happy!  I know, doesn’t take much..
FUN/DIY/ HOME/ Homemaking/ Simplifying

Mason Jar-My Love Affair With Mason Jars

I recently discovered the wonderful world of mason jars. Why do I love them? Funny you asked. They come in many sizes. They are inexpensive. They are NOT plastic. They are simplistic in design. They do not keep me guessing on what and how much is inside them.

They have a gazillion different uses! In my opinion, they are the perfect example of something from yesterday that can simplify today.

In fact, I don’t think just one post will do for this new love affair of mine. I just might have to keep sharing with you the insane amount of things one can do with a mason jar.

I know, I can feel you just oozing with excitement. You just wait, you may have an affair of your own!