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New Nostalgia Most Popular Posts On Content 2018

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Top 3 Most Popular Posts from New Nostalgia 2018

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 Every Day Home Goals Chore System*

I was so happy to see that you all found this post useful. It is all the tasks, goals and routines that I use to keep my home tidy. There is also a free printable for keeping your home clean!

 Eat All Week Chopped Vegetable Detox Salad*

I’m not surprised at all that this one was in the top 3. It was repinned on Pinterest over 75,000 times just in the last 30 days! It is a great way to get a variety of vegetables in; just make it once and eat all week! It tastes amazing thanks to the lemony-ginger-garlic dressing. I recently have been using it as an easy way to add chopped veg on the top of my leafy green salads.

 5 Reasons To Eat Seeds Every Day + Super Seed Mix in a Jar Recipe*

We must all agree that in order to live well, we need to take care of the body. Eating seeds is a great way to do that! It is amazing what little powerhouses seeds can be. Having them mixed in a jar is super convenient way to get a bit of their goodness in every day.


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NOTE: all posts with a * were in the top 20 most popular posts of New Nostalgia 2018. 

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New Nostalgia Most Popular Posts on Content 2017 – Pt. 2

Best posts of the year from New Nostalgia- a purposeful living blog

Most Popular Posts of 2017 Pt. 2

Slow Living Summer Recipes

This popular post includes summer favorites like Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Glaze, Fresh and Healthy Lime Soda, No Cook Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Oats and Cheesy Tortelinni Crockpot Soup.

Soup in the summer? Why yes! When it is made in the slow cooker it keeps the stove and oven off and your kitchen cool. Several of these recipes are great all season long.

Click through to see to see here.

DIY Daily Sink Scrub Shaker Top

DIY Daily Sink Scrub

A two ingredient daily sink scrub makes me a very happy lady every time I use it! My sink has stayed clean and shiny with no built up gunk!

When I sprinkle this scrub into my rinsed out sink, the aroma that drifts up is great. It hits my senses and is very awakening. I used Purify by Rocky Mountain Oils in my scrub, which just smells like—clean! I love it!

Make your own scrub here.

Strawberry Chia Hemp Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa For Breakfast – 3 Ways

Although it is a new year, quinoa is still my favorite breakfast. I just can’t get over how satisfying it is thanks to 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in just one cup!

Quinoa is technically a seed, not a grain, and packs all nine essential amino acids your body needs. It contains iron, vitamin B, and my fav–the calming mineral, magnesium! This is just a few of the nutrients in quinoa, there are many more!

See 3 different ways to prepare quinoa for breakfast here.

Easy Steak Quesadillas. Nice and brown and crispy!

Easy Steak Quesadillas

Just placing that photo into this post made my mouth start watering, and I decided that it is what’s for dinner tonight! I want to make something quick, filling, and delicious. This recipe is perfect.

The steak is well seasoned and smells amazing while cooking. Between the scent of seasoned steak and the aroma of the bits of cheese that fall from the tortillas into the pan, your home will smell amazing and your people will come running!

We are not huge steak eaters around here, so having a few bite-sized bits of steak in a crispy tortilla was perfect for our family. We also don’t do a ton of cheese in our meals, so I love that it is easy to control the amount of cheese in this dish. Just sprinkle your preferred amount!

Get the recipe here.

Breast Cancer

7 Years Surviving Cancer

I reread this post and tears come to my eyes as I sit here typing in Starbucks. I take a sip of my grande Pike Place and swallow down the lump in my throat. Here is a tidbit:

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New Nostalgia Most Popular Posts on Content 2017 – Pt. 1

Best Content of the Year From New Nostalgia 2017 Pt 1

Most Popular Posts of 2017

Instant Pot Blueberry Yogurt Jars 101

2017 was the year of the Instant Pot here at New Nostalgia. You all welcomed it with open arms — 5 of my top 20 posts from 2017 are Instant Pot recipes!

These Instant Pot Blueberry Yogurt Jars are so yummy that it makes me want to eat one right now as I write about it. This post takes you step by step through the process and gives a video at the end–the very video that made me brave enough to make my own yogurt.

See it here.

How to Declutter When Overwhelmed

How To Declutter When Overwhelmed

I just motivated myself by rereading this decluttering post. There are so many great tips– if I do say so myself! I do think the #1 best tip to declutter is simply GET RID OF STUFF. Otherwise, you are spending time organizing clutter & will have to do it over and over again.

I’m still in the process of purging out home but 2018 is the year where I will conquer all the clutter in all rooms, closets, and drawers. I want to up my game when it comes to cleaning, and you can’t clean well if you are too busy tidying all the stuff! Cheers much easier cleaning because of clear surfaces and clear floors!

Get motivated here.

Blueberry Compote for Instant Pot Yogurt with Fruit On The Bottom

Blueberry Compote + 10 Ways To Use It

A healthy, naturally sweetened fruit compote is a great thing to have on hand. It is amazing how many ways it can be used! I like that it keeps me from reaching for and wanting processed sugar treats–I can get my sweet fix naturally in many different ways using this blueberry compote recipe. Don’t care for blueberries? You can substitute, and frozen fruit works great!

See the many ways you can use a fruit compote here.

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Top 10 Posts From New Nostalgia 2015


7 Ways To Journal & Why I Write VS Type

Warming Spiced Almond Milk


Chicken Fried Rice

24 Ways To Be A Helper To Your Husband


Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

Mexican Food Pile On


Hall Of Fame Cranberry Sauce

6 Tried & True Beauty Treatments To Do At Home


Honey Ginger Lemon Tea

My Top 5 Ways To Relieve Stress


Korean Beef

Simple Steps To Meeting With God


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2016! I am so excited for a new year.

I usually find myself giddy about the start of a brand new year  but this year I am especially excited to say goodbye to 2015 and have a brand spakin’ new 2016!  2015 was a hard year for me, as an extreme anxiety overtook my body & it took much of the year to figure out what it was and what to do about it.

This little blog of mine took a hit, as my writing voice and stamina was lost during much of the year last year.  It was survival.  I am so thankful to have found it again & it is slowly returning to something that feels familiar and “me.” As I continue to find my voice & my bravery, I will share with you more of my struggle with anxiety, not to spotlight struggle, but to hopefully give hope to others who find themselves surprised by the same battle.

Despite a hard year, you all were so great and supportive to continue to read New Nostalgia.  Looking  back over the posts of the last year, I see God’s goodness in helping me produce some content despite my struggle.  I hope you enjoyed this little roundup of last years bests posts, and if there is anything that is of use to you, know that was my Heavenly Father carrying me through and helping me create, despite hardship.  What a great, sweet & faithful God!  All praise and glory goes to Him.