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Simplifying My Morning Routine

I have posted my morning routine before, but as life changes, so do routines, and I thought it was time for an update.  I have felt it change, morphing on its own into a more simple routine as I have learned to be more efficient with my time in the mornings.

Here is my new Morning Routine list:

{In My Room-7:15}
~Give Day To God
~Make Bed

~Read 1 Chapter of the Proverbs
~Get Dressed/Hair/Makeup/Teeth

{In Kitchen}
~Make Girls Lunches
~Empty/Fill Dishwasher
~Make Coffee
~Make Lemon Water
~What’s For Dinner?
~Supervise Girls Breakfast & Vitamins 

{Oldest Daughter Leaves, 7:45, I’m usually still in the Kitchen}

{Whole House}
~Reboot Laundry
~House Pick Up
~Wipe Glass Tables
~Wipe Bathrooms

{Kiss 2 Younger Girls Goodbye As They Leave For School-8:45}

{In Office}
~Breakfast/Vitamins/Coffee (yes, I eat at my desk)
~Go Through Email
~Check Calendar

{Whole House}
~Clean Mama Daily Cleaning Goal
~5 Minute Hot Spot


Here are some additional thoughts on each item on my list:

Make Bed
I do this right when I get out of it!  

{my prayer bench is now at the end of my bed, which leaves no room for the workout mat–oh darn.}

Give Day To God
This is a quick acknowledgement at my prayer bench, a prayer that God would use me how He sees fit, and that I would be mindful of Him throughout the day.

{prayer bench.  Curious?  Read more here.}

One Chapter Of Proverbs
This is also done at my prayer bench. My Grandpa did this everyday.  There are 31 Chapters in Proverbs, so whatever day of the month it was, that was the chapter he would read.  I now do the same.  Proverbs is such a great instructional guide to living.  I love the small reminders, and pray that it will help me grown in wisdom.

Get Dressed/Hair/Makeup
Sometimes I even shower…lol. {Actually, most days I shower at the gym}

Make Girls Lunches 
My girls are very independent and responsible thanks to their age (12, 11 & 9),  and their own charts and morning routine, so the only thing I have to do for them in the mornings is make their lunches and occasionally help them with their hair.

Empty/Fill Dishwasher
Gotta start the day with a clean kitchen.  This is the only way I can motivate myself to cook.  No cooking means no eating healthy, so kitchen must start out clean at the beginning of the day!

{I’ve been making Iced Lattes lately. Love this one- 3 ingredient Mocha Almond Iced Latte}

Make Coffee
My favorite.  I get giddy about this.  Mmmm..the smell!

Make Lemon Water
While coffee is brewing, I make a quick glass of lemon water.  I won’t let myself drink coffee until I have had a full 8 ounce glass of lemon water.  A great way to start the morning.

Supervise Girls Breakfast & Vitamins
There is something about us all in the kitchen together in the morning that is positive.  I like knowing what each girl chose to eat for breakfast, making sure they got at least one fruit.  I also have them tell me when they are taking their vitamins so I know they get them into their little bodies each day!

What’s For Dinner?
It is good for me to think about this at the beginning of my day.  Especially when thawing meat is involved or if I want to use the crock pot.  It eliminates last-minute-before-dinner trips to the store because I check to make sure I have all I need at the beginning of the day. 

Reboot Laundry
A load a day keeps the smellies away!  I am working hard on this one.  It really is doable if I just make myself think about it, which is why it is on the list.  I make sure I set the timer in the kitchen when I come back upstairs to remind me to go switch loads.

This one is super easy and a habit.  I just go into each room and make sure there is nothing in there that does not belong, a quick pick up.  Of course, I ignore the growing “Hot Spots” those will be taken care of later.  It is only easy because part of my girls morning and evening charts is “pick up personals,” which means they go into each room of the house and get anything they have left out and put it away, leaving very little left for me to pick up.

 Wipe Glass Tables 
I have a kitchen table and dining room table that both are glass.  They need wiped numerous times a day, especially after my girls have had breakfast at them. 

Wipe Bathrooms

I use Flylady’s “Swish & Swipe” system.  Basically, you keep toilet bowl cleaner in the container of the toilet brush, so everyday you just grab it and do a quick swish (not a good idea if you have small kids, unless your cleaner is non-toxic).  I also take a paper towel and vinegar spray to quick swipe the mirror and sink area.  “Swish & Swipe” keeps the bathroom company ready with just seconds a day. (I do deeper bathroom cleaning once a week, this just keeps it shining throughout the week).  

{my go to breakfast–Overnight Chia Oat Pudding}

Pretty self explanatory.  I need a good breakfast and to remember to take my vitamins.  I love this time of day, sitting down at my desk with coffee and breakfast, checking in on my social media and chatting with some of YOU!

Go Through Email
If I don’t do this daily, my inbox becomes a mess.  Still learning this one… MY INBOX IS CRAZY right now.

Check Calendar
I do this as part of my evening routine, but a quick peek in the morning is always good, too.  I use iCal on my Mac. 

{Clean Mama Has a Free To Do List Printable, which is very fitting for this post!}

Clean Mama Daily Cleaning Goal

After sitting at the computer for awhile, and before doing any time consuming photo editing or post writing, I get back up and get my body moving again.  I have been using Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine and I have loved it.  If you like her on Facebook, her fun symbols will come through on your news feed each day, which is a great visual reminder of what to do each day!  Check out her Etsy shop for more amazing free printables, and for a discount, look to the left in my sidebar and you will see her offer of 20% off for New Nostalgia customers.  Love me some Clean Mama!

 5 Minute Hot Spot
Also part of the Flylady System, a “hot spot” is any spot in your home that erupts into clutter easily.  For me, it is our study closet, our desk, our stairs, my trunk, certain drawers, an area that collects clothes in my bedroom…I could go on and on.  Spending 5 minutes a day in a hotspot keeps these areas under control.  I am amazed at how well this one works.  Again, the key is stopping after 5 minutes and knowing you will have 5 more tomorrow..  


There are a lot of things on the list that we all do everyday. Seeing them listed makes it seem like a lot, but really, it is not.  Many of them only take a minute or 2.  This is what works for me, it is not for everyone, and it would look different if I had to leave for work every day. It really, really makes a difference in my day when I do these things regularly and purposefully. This list keeps me on track and helps things run smoothly around here!

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  • Clean Mama
    May 12, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Your routine makes me smile 🙂
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  • Jennifer
    May 9, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Amy, I just have to say that I know we (as Christ followers) aren’t supposed to envy, but I can’t help it…I envy you! 😉 I am a full time working Mama and I wish so badly that I could be with my daughter in the mornings. I have to kiss her bye and take off before she’s even up and moving. My hubby takes her to school. I pray daily, for the opportunity to become a stay at home Mom, but of course I have no idea how that will happen! Anywho, I think you’re wonderful and beautiful!! Have a great, blessed day 🙂

  • Mrs. Jerri Ann Mills
    May 9, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Amy, first what a task to write your routine out, you go girl! Secondly, thank you for this post. As of late I have not been happy with my “morning routine”, I know I need to break some bad habits (watching the Today show for 2 hours!). My mother-in-law has always read Proverbs daily as well, I do about twice a week. However, I am totally convinced that if I had a prayer bench I would get better about daily prayer!! I LOVE this idea and will be doing it as soon as we settle into our next home. Thank you, thank you. We can only become better Christians by communicating with other Christians and learning how they seek God’s love. I adore your blog.

  • erin
    May 9, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Great post! I need to have a routine! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Tammy
    May 9, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Hi Amy:) I enjoy your blog. I’m not really a blog reader, but I like yours a lot. I’m thinking that we both love coffee shops, but I really only go to B&N. I think it would be fun to read a post on your take on Lincoln Coffee shops, like a review. Where is the best coffee, atmosphere, etc. I like MoJava’s coffee and atmosphere, but you have to bring your own books. I also like the Mill and the one under the apothecary in the haymarket, but I can’t remember what it’s called. Anyway, I think that would be a fun and informative post.

    Tammy Randall

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