Counting Gifts/ FAMILY

One Thousand Gifts


~ scent of Lil’ Ones freshly shampooed hair

~her fuzzy pink rob hugs


~watching a show as a family

~our middle girl, her pride in showing us her grades

~a friend who drives all the way to the coffee shop just to bring me a jacket

~Dad on Heytell, his laugh coming through makes me laugh

~texting with nephews

~naps, even when my body forces me to

~breakfast with Mother-in-Law

~quiet days to work

~a gift card to keep coffee cost low

~an awesome night out with Renee

~my first Friday art walk–LOVED.

~Elayne Woods birth photos show.  So tasteful, beautiful, & breathtaking.

~free wine

~Marz Bar light globes and atmosphere

~coconut shrimp

~laughter while contemplating art

~”make up and make out” –great marriage advice from a friend.  🙂

~hummus salad

~a clean house

~my new vacuum

~my girls healthy palates

~spooning with Lil’ one while we say our prayers

~clarity while teaching the lessons

~soccer practice and meeting new friends

~cool fall weather

~rain and thunder

~coconut oil and its thousand uses

~apps that make getting budget numbers to hubby so easy

~Sunday sermon spoken right to me (click here to listen)

~an unexpected gift

~library books

~girls delighting in the creation of travel journals

~a long anticipated family trip, only 3 weeks away!

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