Welcome to New Nostalgia! I’m Amy and here you’ll find my quest to be present in each moment, learning from yesterday and living simply in the NEW!

About New Nostalgia

On this blog I share about organization, simplicity, healthy eating, slow living, homemaking, beauty and spirituality.  These are all things that make up who I am, what I am passionate about and what I strive for.  I love this life that I have been given and I strive to make it the best life possible, all the while letting go of control, perfection, and all that distracts.


How It All Began

I started New Nostalgia in 2007 but it has grown and changed so much.  It started out as a blog to record things I do and love, and share with others what brings me life. It really is still exactly that, and the change in the blog reflects change in me.  New Nostalgia started out as a blog focused on finding simplicity.  It’s still about living simple, but even more important New Nostalgia is a blog about learning from the past and living NEW!  Living slow, simple, healthful, meaningful, real & to the fullest.

We have built quite a community here at New Nostalgia, and this beautiful community has stayed with me through thick and thin.  I can’t verbalize how amazing it was to have such encouragement from my readers as I battled cancer– I never felt alone.   I am now in remission, but I still need and depend on my amazing community.  You all are so precious to me, and I am forever grateful for you all, for you allow me to live my dream.


Where To Start

Here are my top 10 most popular posts:

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Anti-procrastination Tuesdays – this is our weekly Tuesday link-up where we show off all that we accomplished.  It is a great way to be inspired to Be Inspired, Be Encouraged & Get Something Done!  You will find linkups on all different subjects, from recipes to health goals, to closet clean-up before and afters.

My Cancer Journey – although I am in remission, the chances of my advanced stage cancer coming back are high.  I was given a 50/50 chance of being alive in 10 years.  I am in year 4 and going strong.  Cancer is very much still part of my life as I take meds that affect my everyday living.  I keep track of this health journey and write about it all in much detail, hoping it will help anyone who might find themselves in the same place.


Meet the Team

[person name=”Teniel Moore” picture=”” pic_link=”” title=”Raw Foods Contributor” email=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_self”]Teniel has been an awesome addition to New Nostalgia, and her once a month Saturday posts are some of our most popular. She is passionate about healthy living and one of my favorite personal follows on Instagram. She has thousands of followers on Facebook & inspires many with her raw food creations & pursuit of her best life. Teniel lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and 2 children.[/person]

[person name=”Hanna Ross” picture=”” pic_link=”” title=”New Nostalgia Operations” email=”” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” linktarget=”_self”]Hannah is a true joy in my life, as she is one of the best nieces a person could ask for. She helps keep me sane here at New Nostalgia, keeping behind- the- scenes- things operating smoothly. She is a joy & an inspiration to me! Hannah is the Music Support Specialist & Advisor at the Berkshire Hills Music Academy. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and the cutest Corgi ever named Evey[/person]


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