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I Am Romanced


I take a spring walk, ipod in ears, playing the song “A Divine Romance” by Phil Wickham.

Fitting, for He romances me as I walk.

He places beauty along my path, then opens my eyes wide and allows me to see.

I delight like a child, my pace quickens, it has a slight bounce.

Everything is abloom, including my heart.

All is opening to the warmth of spring, coming out of closed bud.

Petals open with expectation.

I feel the same.
I, too, feel an expectation, a childlike trust forming and allowing this opening.

I open and He fills.

He gives gifts, so creative, so delightful!

On this walk, it seems He has left them all about just for me.

Scents of hyacinth, they rise up from the ground.

Their stay is short but full, and their scent leaves a lasting impression.

A squirrel, standing at attention on two hind legs.

He checks me out, then scurries away, mimicking my bounce with his tail.

A blue jay, twitters about, lands on a branch.
My chin is up as I pass, I’m straining to see.

Our eyes meet and it bursts out in song sung just for me!

It makes me smile, so!

I feel funny, bouncing along with this childlike grin.

Adding to the humor is my steel water bottle tucked away in my backpack.

The ice inside jingles with each bouncy step I take.

I am jingle bells in the springtime.

I think of a springtime, childhood, Easter song:

“Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing that we can be born again!!”

I do feel a rebirth.

I think back to last fall when all withered and died down.

Nature and me.

It was a harsh season. I wondered if I’d see spring–literally.


Spring is HERE!

It has brought about a new me that bounces and jingles and has eyes to see.

And–so typical–even in the midst of spring gift giddiness–

In the midst of open eyes and upturned chins

Life brings a reminder of my continued need of Him.

A nasty bug flies right into my upturned eye,

Within seconds I am distracted and fumbling.

Eye watering, makeup running, ipod dropping.

No mirror to get it out, and I’ve bounced too far from home.

A simple. childlike prayer:
Lord? Would you help me get this bug outta here?  
I want it out of my eye so I can see the gifts.”

He does.

It is not pretty.

Bug guts mixed with mascara smeared on fingers and face.

It is messy.

 Life is.

But in the midst of my mess, despite the smeared ugly, I am still romanced!

The Divine romancer woos and whispers, wipes my face.

I open to His touch and His gifts.

I bloom and I continue on my walk, with a slight bounce.

Divine Romance –Phil Wickham

The fullness of Your grace is here with me
The richness of Your beauty’s all I see
The brightness of Your glory has arrived
In Your presence God, I’m completely satisfied

For You I sing I dance
Rejoice in this divine romance
Lift my heart and my hands
To show my love, to show my love

A deep deep flood, an Ocean flows from You
Of deep deep love, yeah it’s filling up the room
Your innocent blood, has washed my guilty life
In Your presence God I’m completely satisfied


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