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Homemade Leather Conditioner & Protector

I accidentally left my new leather wallet sitting on a baby wipe in my diaper bag. Because baby wipes are alkaline, it totally discolored my new wallet! I so wish I would have been motivated to whip up this homemade leather conditioner/protector BEFORE the fact. This recipe is super easy and keeps my leather looking fabulous.

Leather conditioner and protector ingredients

Homemade Leather Conditioner & Protector Recipe
1 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 Tbsp beeswax

Olive oil and beeswax

Combine olive oil and beeswax. Melt in the microwave 20 seconds at a time and stir in between. You can use it hot or at room temperature. I apply with a paper towel. Store in a cool, dark place.  Shelf life is the expiration date of your 2 ingredients.

leather conditioner and protector
Kendra blogs at Our Homemade Happiness and writes about all things homemade, especially cleaners, skincare & healthy eating.  

Kendra Drake
Natural & Homemade Contributor

Kendra started her blog after her husband suffered from mono symptoms for over two years and his blood results showed some liver disease.  Since the liver is responsible for filtering out chemicals and toxins from the bloodstream, she started to realize how many chemicals are in everything we buy, from processed food to household cleaners, lotion, and even air freshener.  She has become inspired to rid her home of as many chemicals as she can, one product at a time, and write about it along the way.

You will love Kendra & all the great things she has to share! 

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  • Dalton Miilu
    April 28, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    can you use any other oil than olive oil or extra virgin olive oil such as canola oil

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