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Purposeful Living

These posts written by Todd (Amy’s husband) are designed to model a system of purposeful living.  At least once a month, he spends time setting meaningful goals around one of seventeen core priorities.

If you missed it, consider reading the foundation post – Purposeful Living #1.

Correct Priority
Priority #7 – Physical Health

Goal Setting & Reflection Date
December 2012

Thoroughly review every section of Dr. Fuhrman website. to gain better understanding of his philosophy of nutrition.   

Goal Status

Thoughts – UPDATED
Today I spent two hours on Dr. – How to live, for life website and was blown away (in a positive way)!  

While I still have a bit more research and learning to do, my preliminary thought is this is it.  This is the best approach to food, diet, and nutrition. 

Dr. Fuhrmans Website
Prior to researching his site I thought Dr. Fuhrman was vegan.  I have come to believe over the past couple of years that plant-based foods are most healthy, while animal-based and processed foods are to be avoided.  Basically, I had come to believe that a vegan diet was the most healthy diet.  

But Dr. Fuhrman is not a pure vegan.  He is the father (creator) of nutritarian eating.  A nutritarian diet has many similarities to a vegan diet, but there are some differences. 

Most fascinating to me is the Health Longevity Equation created by Dr. Fuhrman. 

H (Health) = N (Nutrients) / C (Calories)

Healthy life expectancy is proportional to lifetime intake of micronutrient diversity and quantity per calories.  In other words, the bulk of our diet should consist of food high in nutrients and low in calories.  Foods high in nutrients fill us up and keep us full much more effectively than foods low in nutrients.    

These foods are outlined the Nutritarian Food Pyramid he created.  
The next step for me is to write a new set of goals to deepen my knowledge of Nutritarianism and begin to modify my diet to include new foods.  

Keep an eye out for next month’s Goal Setting & Reflection post to see my new set of nutrition related goals.    


Thoughts – ORIGINAL
Dr. Fuhrman is a board certified family physician, best-selling author, and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods.  

I first became familiar with Dr. Fuhrman after watching the documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead with my wife several months ago.  He was only in the documentary for a few minutes, but I was intrigued by what he was saying.  

I was specifically intrigued by the Nutritarian Food Pyramid which he developed and was highlighted in the movie.  

Ever since watching that documentary I have been toying around with the idea of becoming more vegan (or maybe completely vegan).  The key for me in making this switch is that I would have to thoroughly enjoy the food.  It would have to taste good. 

Dr. Fuhrman's Website

A thorough review of Dr. Fuhrman’s website is a good place for me to start.  He is a leader in this field and can likely both provide me with great information and also point me in the right direction to new information as I embark on this journey to further transform my eating habits.  


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Outline Of All Purposeful Living Posts

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  • olesea
    February 5, 2013 at 8:39 am

    This is my 1st comment. I’ve discovered you recently and I wanna say that I appreciate the way you want to do things better.
    Another my recent discovery was another blog of a girl that also battled with cancer and won!
    Check, hope helps 🙂

    • Amy Bowman
      February 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm

      I love the wellness warrior & read her often! Thanks for the recommendation and for your sweet comment.