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Diversions & Simple Labels Made From Clothespins

This is a guest post from Becky at Clean Mama

Hi, New Nostalgia readers!  I’m Becky from the Clean Mama blog.  Today I’d like to talk a bit with you about diversion.  There are times when everyone needs a diversion from the everyday or not-so everyday.  A diversion, or distraction, can be helpful on so many levels.  Babies and kids benefit from diversion – enter screaming baby and noisy rattle – screaming stops and baby is diverted to something new and different.  How about a small child throwing a tantrum – offer a lollipop and the tantrum is gone (not that I’m advocating this, it’s just for example purposes).

Sometimes as adults, we need a diversion or distraction.  I think the beauty of a diversion is when we recognize the need for a diversion as a helpful tool.  How do you create a diversion or distraction?  Is it purposeful  and intended?  Quiet and therapeutic?  I’m not suggesting ignoring real problems or issues, I’m merely suggesting that instead of treading over the same thoughts, divert them for a bit and find something comforting to do.  Diversion looks different for everyone – reading a book, paging through a favorite magazine, sewing, going for a walk, baking up a batch of cookies, creating something….

When I need a diversion, I tend to go to my craft closet and look for something simple to make.  My latest diversion?

  A new twist on clothespins – I have found yet another way to use them in my house.  
I made clips for IN and OUT mail stacks.  Very simple and yet a good diversion.

clips, wood circles, stamp pad, letter stamps (from $ spot at Target), glue, clear coat (if you want)
stamp letters on circle disks

some reminder clips were also made
I bet Amy would love to hear some simple diversion ideas in the comments – what’s your favorite diversion?
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