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Decluttering in the Fall

Living room with Repose Grey walls

Who knew that paint would be just the thing I needed to get bit by the fall decluttering bug. Did you see and hear that I got new paint around here?

My sweet kids painted my living room and dining room for me, and I could not be more excited about it.

The walls went from dark and dreary gold color to a nice, bright grey. Sherwin Williams Repose Grey to be exact.

The process of clearing out the living room and dining room to make space for painting was just what I needed to rethink what I keep in each room and get rid of clutter.

I was in a bit of a rut with what I kept out on my shelves for decor and items I had hanging on the wall.

I think you can get used to seeing things a certain way and forget how fresh old things can feel when placed in a different, new spot.


dining room table and book shelf

Example: I brought my white dishes and jars out to a bookshelf in the dining room. It is so clean and minimal now, and a great way to store overflow from the kitchen.

These are items we use regularly so they really don’t have a chance to get too dusty, even though they are exposed and not behind a cabinet.

Another example:  I took frames off the wall and put them on a console table instead. My Teagan suggested that and I loved her idea! A couple of them had been on the wall for almost 10 years!


Dining room table and glass vase

To prep for paint, I was forced to touch each item, remove it from its original place and really think about if it makes me happy enough to keep it. This process was really key for me to rethink my old decor.

I was able to create a whole new look with items I already had, and declutter at the same time!


Why Decluttering Works Well in the Fall

Fall Brings Routine

Fall brings a new, natural routine if you have kids or teens that head back to school. I am always ready for the new rhythm of fall and work best with a predictable routine. Routine gives me space to declutter bit by bit.


Fewer People

With fall, my home is a lot less “peopley” (at least during the day) compared to summer months and the order I create each day stays that way a bit longer.


Cooler Cloudy Days Need Some Cozy

Fall brings shorter, cooler days which naturally leads to more time to cozy up inside. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get too cozy when there is a bunch of clutter everywhere.

Fall also brings more clouds. We have had so many cloudy, rainy days in a row here in Nebraska this past week, and it definitely makes me want to create some cozy!


living room with calm hygge decorations


Tidy Home Beats Temperature Blues

The lack of sun can personally sometimes give me the blues, so I use a tidy home as a way to beat those temperature blues. A decluttered home can cheer you up and make you feel more comfortable and happy.


Less to Focus on in the Fall

Fall brings a bit less outside work–depending on what climate you live in–at least once you get done with fall cleanup and those trees are done shedding their leaves.

Once the yard work is done, the focus can be given to the indoors. It is much less overwhelming for me to think of decluttering and keeping up with just the inside of my home, and not worry about the outside.


Garage is Needed

With upcoming winter, you may need that garage, so now is a great time to declutter and make room for the car. I don’t know about you but our garage is a storage unit right now. Ugh. I may get to it before winter…I may not!


Fall/Winter Clothes

Fall is the perfect time to tackle the closets. I like to get rid of any summer clothes I did not wear and analyze fall clothes, and only keep what I love. I recently did this and it is SO much easier to get dressed in the morning.

Bonus: this keeps me from shopping because I already clearly see that I have everything I need for a fall and winter wardrobe.

The coat closet is another area to consider. Fall is a great time to get winter gear in order make note of what you used last winter & what you need to buy new.


Holidays are Coming!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & Valentines Day are all in the fall and winter months. That is a whole lot of memory making and celebrating opportunities!

Celebrating in a decluttered home will make those memories a bit sweeter, and Mom less distracted and a bit more present!


living room repose gray

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What about you?  Do you get bit by the decluttering bug in the Fall or Winter months?

What area of your home is needing the most ‘decluttering’ attention?


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