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Healing From Surgery & Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I had surgery today (you can read about it at my Caring Bridge site).  It went well, but healing will take some time.  I am honestly excited about having some “downtime” to catch up on my Google reader.  I did that for awhile today and found a bunch of fun, homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas.  I pinned some of my favs to my Pinterest board, so check it out if you want some inspiration!
Last year, I made my Mom this “Jar Full Of Love” as one of her Mother’s Day gifts.  She really, really loved it.  We went out to lunch and while waiting for our food, she pulled each one out and read them all in one sitting:)  Such a fun memory!
I also made my Mother-In-Law this Homemade Chocolate Sauce and gave it to her with a container of Coconut Gelato–she is a coconut lover.
**Got any Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?  If so, I’d love to know what they are.
Here is a Inlinkz if you want to share!!

FUN/DIY/ Mothers Day/ Valentine's Day

A Gift Of Love In A Jar

This is a fast, fun way to tell someone how much you love them.


1 jar

1 lid

Fun Paper


Glue Gun


A Tag

~Cut a circle out of paper (I used a circle cutter, love that thing!)  Glue it to the top of the jar.
~Cut strips of paper, write reasons why you love the one you are giving it to.  (could do memories and make it a memory jar, too)
~Put the paper in the jar, screw on the lid and tie it with a ribbon.
~Add an embellishment, if desired.
~Add a tag

This makes a great Mother’s Day Gift, and would also make a great Valentines Gift!  My little girl helped me make one for her Grandma for Mother’s Day, then surprised me by making one for me all by herself! Here is what she had to say on her strips of paper..
I love you because:
“You take me on dates”
“You made us art bags
“You let us have guinea pigs”
“The look on your face at the pool”–huh??:)
“You created charts for us”
“You take us on picnics”
“You started rocks” (our new behavior system)
“You clean the kitchen”
“You got my bed fixed”
“My birthday party”
“You let us eat hot dogs from the grill sometimes”
“You made a garden
“You let us move to (the city we live in)”
Awww, so sweet!  She even put a fuzzy baby chic in my jar that would tweet whenever I shook the jar 🙂