Blog Content That Works For Your Brand

blog content that works for your brand
This is a little bit different of a subject than I usually post here at New Nostalgia, but I have the honor of being guest over at Beauty Divine & thought you all might want to see what goes on behind the scenes of building a blog & meet a pretty special person. 
Laurie is my little sis and an amazing graphic artist.  She has a thriving photography template online business and knows her stuff.  She is doing a 31 Days To Better Branding series and asked me to write for Day 18- Blog Content That Works For Your Brand.  
Here is what I came up with:
#1 It is ok to break the rules and go with your own flow at times.
My site, New Nostalgia, covers a bunch of topics, i.e. organization, simplicity, healthy eating, slow living, homemaking, beauty & spirituality. The topics I choose to write about and share are really just my own personal interests.  Now, in the blog world this is often looked at as a no- no (having so many different topics on one site).  Most how-to blogging sites encourage you to chose a specific niche and stick with it, but I go against the flow and it works for me.  
#2 Be aware of what might make a good post & document the moments life brings.  
Because my blog focuses on many different topics that I love and live by daily, my content just becomes a diary of sorts of what works for me and what I do.  This makes choosing content very easy.  It happens quite organically with me. If I make a recipe, I make sure I take pictures just in case I want to post about it.  If it happens to be a snow day and we stay indoors and make a craft, again, I grab my camera and take pictures. If I am going on a date with my hottie husband and find a fun hairstyle tutorial on Pinterest that actually works, I take a pic and note the tutorial link, just in case I want to use it as a beauty post. If there is something in my own life that I am learning & it is deep, it usually becomes a post on spirituality or it becomes advice I pass on to my 3 girls in a “Leave a Legacy” post.
#3  Write content according to your own unique personality.  Don’t box yourself in.
I am not a big planner, so planning content way in advance stresses me out a bit! 

 I want to share with you how I come up with content regularly and also a few tips that will help make the process of coming up with content much easier…
{To continue reading steps #3-#7, will you kindly follow me on over to my sisters place Beauty Divine by clicking here?  I would love for you to meet her.}


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