Anti-Procrastination Weekly Update


You will notice I have taken the Home Zones off of this Anti-Procrastination Weekly Update. I wonder if you all use them? I used to, but lately they have not been working well for me. It seems like I have been able to do daily general upkeep around here, but when it comes to zone work and deep cleaning, I am still not where I want to be.

I am ready for a new routine when it comes to keeping my home clean, and have been reading Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk. She is the founder of Clean Mama and knows what she is doing when it comes to cleaning! I am halfway through the book and I’m so inspired! I think it is time to get rid of zones and try a new system.

Clean Mama Simply Clean Book

I’m sure you will see the influence of this book in my upcoming posts. I have implemented her daily tasks so far {Make Beds, Clean Floors, Wipe Counters, Declutter, Do Laundry} and look forward to learning more!

Her book is so inspiring and full of checklists to keep you on track!

Get yours here –> Simply Clean Book


Weekly Goals

Meal Plan — grocery list +5 meals

Rescue My Home — dust, sweep, vacuum, mop, bathrooms in one hour

Dates — my Todd, my girls, one close friend

Do a Pin — Quinoa Budda Bowl

Reading Progress — Anti-Cancer: A New Way Of LifeKatharina & Martin LutherNothing To Prove


Daily Goals

Spiritual — journal, Scripture, pray, meditate

Move Body — walk, yoga or strength training

Hydrate + Nutrients — water (80 oz a day); leafy greens & berries, vitamins, powdered greens

One Full Load — dishwasher & laundry


Weekly Home Zones Goals

I’m working on a new system inspired by Clean Mama. Home Zones were just not working for me anymore! Do they work for you? Will let you know what I come up with!


Ap-poster copy

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Latest Obsessions

{some are affiliate links}

Fresh Basil Plant

I bought mine at Trader Joes. It sits on my kitchen window sill and makes me happy, bringing fresh greenery into my kitchen and the filling it with the scent of basil. I have been using it as a main ingredient in my favorite lunch, Tomatoes on Toast.

Isotoner Clog Slippers

I cannot wait to slip my feet in these whenever I get home.  Isotoner Clog Slippers are warm, light-weight, soft, cushy and machine washable. They have a rubber sole so I even wear them outside of the house to quick drop my girls off at school.

Kindle Fire

I am on the last and final season of Downton Abbey. I know, I know, I am a bit behind the times. I watch it on my Kindle Fire, in the evenings tucked in bed. It’s like my own perfect sized, personal television. Before I indulge, I make sure I read at least a chapter or two of whatever book is on my Kindle. I love using the same device to both read and watch.

Green Tea

I keep reading how important green tea is when it comes to health, specifically when trying to keep cancer away! Yogi Pure Green Tea is what I have been using and loving. I have a goal of 3 cups a day and have been making a pitcher of iced green tea to keep in my refrigerator at all times. I’ve made some Lemon Ginger Simple Syrup (using honey & maple syrup instead of sugar) which is delicious and adds the health benefits of lemon and ginger. I will write a recipe post soon!

La La Land Soundtrack

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you know I am crushing on the La La Land Soundtrack. I often use it as background music for my videos. There are happy songs and sad songs. I just love it!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Still using it daily and love it! The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by AromaSoft is amazing for getting scent out into larger rooms. It is priced very reasonably and works so well! After buying 4 other diffusers, I did some research, read a ton of reviews, and bought this one. I’m so happy I did!



Bone Broth

Recipes I’m Making This Week

{Watch my Instagram Stories for a glimpse of the making of these recipes. I often capture my cooking process!}

Keeping things simple this week! It is the last week of the month which means our grocery budget has dwindled a bit.

Kale & Lentil Salad 

Corned Beef Hash

Pressure Cooker Mongolian Beef

Lentil Soup

Pesto Tortellini (both storebought from Trader Joes)


Instant Pot Weekly Staples

Crockpot Bone Broth (made it in Instant Pot this time)

Instant Pot Yogurt  | Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats | Instant Pot Quinoa | Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs


What are you wanting to get done this week?

What recipes are you planning on making?

Are you on Pinterest? Share a favorite pin you want to accomplish.


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