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11 Ways To Hygge In the Fall and Winter

round mirror, black lamp and wax buffalo candle

I’ve written about Spring and Summer Hygge, but my FAVORITE time to create a Hygge home is in the Fall.

As for winter? Hygge is what gets me through our long brutal winters in here in the Midwest.


What is Hygge?

First of all.. let’s get the pronunciation down. It is pronounced “hoo-ga”…I know, I know, it is not the most elegant-sounding word, but I have so grown to love this word!

Hygge is a Danish term that is defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

If you know me well, you know I am all about doing that little bit of extra to create a special atmosphere!

My friends and family tell me I’m quite good at it, and I adore doing it. It is just in my nature.

I naturally and automatically want to create a homey, cozy, and comfortable feeling for the people that I love when they come into my space.

I also am very intentional about using these spaces to slow down and be present and purposeful when I am alone, too.


Dining room table and glass vase and candle for hygge


Ways To Hygge In the Fall and Winter


CANDLES – light a candle. The warm glow just can’t be beaten. My favorite?  Soy candles from Wax Buffalo. They smell amazing and the branding on the jars give me all the heart eyes! Do you see it in the photo above?


BLANKETS – lightweight for fall. Fuzzy and heavyweight for winter. I like to have a throw to cozy up with in different areas of the house, and I love adding a comforter or quilt folded in thirds at the end of the bed.


chair and pillow


GOOD BOOKS – a cozy corner with a fuzzy throw just screams for a good book! Don’t forget to light a candle and grab a hot mug before you start reading for the ultimate fall hygge moment.


COZY CORNERS – I am so very purposeful about cozy corners. We have a couple in our living room, and one even in our kitchen, which is a bench seat near the window.

I created one in our bedroom by bringing my new swing chair indoors for the cooler months.

I am sitting in it right now and I just love it!


JOURNAL – a quiet few moments with a journal and a pen is a great way to calm your mind in one of those created cozy corners.


WARM MUGS | HOT DRINKS – make sure it is a heavy mug. I’ve been crushing on pottery mugs lately, simple for their weight and how they hold in the heat and become hand warmers!

Need some warm drink recipes? I got you covered with this post that is titled “5 Warm and Comforting Drinks To Sip Slow and Savor.


COZY ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS – I use my diffuser all year round, but especially love it in the fall and winter months. Scent is a great way to add atmosphere to a room, and essential oils are therapeutic and can really help change mood.

I use RMO oils and love their seasonal scents of Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha. Their new fall scent is Eggnog Latte, and I can’t get enough of it!


ANTI-PROCRASTINATION a mug and fall oil blends.


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SNOW DAYS! – Do you live in a climate that has snow days?

I cannot tell you how much I love a snow day.  I am like a kid at Christmas creating all kinds of hygge for us to enjoy as a family…from baking to soup to warm drinks and candles… I do it all on a snow day.

We have made some of the best family memories by just hunkering down inside together, watching movies, playing games or just doing our own individual thing in our warm home.

I think I will miss these type of days the most as my girls start leaving our nest. I can’t even think about that right now…as we have one in college this year, soon to be 2.

My college girl is living at home this year, but the idea of them leaving home is just too tangible and close to being a reality. Moving on…


HAVE A PURPOSEFUL CALENDAR – Hygge is all about people–the feeling of being together. Why create a wonderful atmosphere if there are no people to enjoy it?

Look at the calendar, use the time of the holidays to have an excuse to invite people over for cozy community & comforting food. Have them over on days that are not holidays, too!

Need some warming food ideas?

How about our favorite orzo recipe that uses fall and winter vegetables– Orzo Pasta with Caramelized Fall Vegetables and Ginger –make sure to serve it piping hot!


cards on a ring


LIGHT – if you follow my Instagram, you know I’m all about light. Give me all the twinkle lights, fairy lights, string lights, and dimmable lights.

During the day, all the blinds are open and I let the natural light in. On cloudy days and evenings, I plug in string lights and light candles to create as much cozy as possible.


TAKE TIME TO BAKE A CAKE – Did you know that the ultimate hygge treat to serve is cake? It makes the home smell amazing, can be served to guests, and goes great with a mug of coffee or tea.

Try my Topsy Turvy Cranberry is an upside down cranberry cake and it just might become a fall recipe staple in your home…it is in mine!

Don’t have cranberries? Gramma’s Crumb Cake takes minutes to throw together and bakes so moist and delicious. A cup of coffee is perfection with it and oh…the aroma!


Even if you only choose one or two of the 11 ideas I shared, it will make a difference in how you and others feel in your home during the fall and winter.


Need to do a bit of decluttering to help with the hygge feeling in your home? Here are a few posts to get you started:

How To Declutter When Overwhelmed

Facing Clutter In That One Dreaded Room


Creating a calm, wonderful environment takes some intentionality, but it is very doable and worth it!

Did you see the shop is now open?

Click through to see digital, printables that I’ve made for you!

There is even a Room by Room Declutter Card Set. A great first step to a Hygge Home.

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