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11 After-Holiday Health Motivations To Get Back On Track


I don’t know about you, but it seems like after every holiday I am so very eager to get back to clean eating and taking care of my body.

Holidays are great for living in the moment and enjoying food, fellowship, friends and family. We eat differently during the holidays than we do everyday, and in our family that is ok as they are the perfect place for enjoying treats we don’t indulge in very often.

Today is the 5th of July and we had a great 4th of July celebration, but boy did I come home last night not feeling very well! I woke up with a sugar hangover and a bit of gall bladder pain which happens every time I have too many fatty foods.

Time to get my eating habits back to normal and get my body moving & feeling better!

To motivate myself, I go straight to my Health Tips Board on Pinterest.

Here are a few, some from New Nostalgia and some from other sites, that are getting me back on my familiar healthy living wagon. Enjoy & be inspired!


1. Use thirst to boost nutrition

How To Make Blueberry Iced Tea In 5 Minutes | New Nostalgia

Keep it in the refrigerator & drink copious amounts for health!

Iced Tangerine Mint Green Tea | New Nostalgia

Dr. Oz recipe to speed up metabolism.

5 Reasons To Drink Lemon Water In The Morning | New Nostalgia

The most simple and delicious way to be healthy.

Best Lemon Water Bottles | New Nostalgia

I use mine daily & could not live without it!

10 Reasons To Drink More Water | The Berry

Nothing like an infographic to motivate me!



2. Incorporate Superfoods in the diet.

Top Superfoods | Health Nutrition

So many amazing benefits to these foods!

Favorite Superfood Breakfast | New Nostalgia

A favorite breakfast of mine.  Great way to get plant protein, fiber and ALA Omega’s.

13 Ways To Eat Chia | New Nostalgia

Chia is awesome. Just sayin’.


3. Get greens daily!

Favorite Cheezy Kale Chips | New Nostalgia

I eat these several times a week.  They. Are. So Addicting.

The Awesomeness Of Kale | NEM Blog

It is fun to see WHY it is so good to get kale into the diet.

Ziplock Freezer Smoothie Packs | New Nostalgia

An amazing way to speed up the daily green smoothie process.



4. Choose Plant Protein Over Animal Protein

12 Favorite Food Sources Of Protein + 39 Plant Based Recipes | New Nostalgia


5. Eat the rainbow

Easy Way To Eat Your Vegetables All Week | New Nostalgia

If they are washed, cut, cold & stored in a way that is easy to grab, you and your family will eat them!

Vitamins Through Food  | Tan & Toned

I find it super motivating to read what vitamins are in certain foods.

Nutritarian Way Of Eating | New Nostalgia

An ideal way to eat.



6. Natural sweeteners only.

Date Paste – A Raw Food Sweetener | New Nostalgia

This date paste is so delicious.  It has a caramel flavor & is great on oatmeal or evening swirled into tea.

Other natural sweetener ideas?  Stevia, honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar.



7. Healthy fats only.

The Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil -Topical and in Recipes | New Nostalgia

No more crap fats that hurt my gall bladder.  Coconut oil is where it is at!

Treating A Gall Bladder Attack Naturally | New Nostalgia

I will be visiting this post as I still feel tender there today.



8. Move my body.

Yoga Sequence | Source Unknown

Yoga stretching makes the body feel wonderful in the morning.  I am on cancer meds that make my joint hurt.  Yoga is key to get me feeling young again!

Walk Your Way To Better Health | Real Simple

It is so reassuring that walking is amazing for you.  I am not a runner due to the joint pain I mentioned above.  I love to take my earbuds, stick my favorite podcast into my ears, and walk the neighborhood.  Look at all the goodness a simple walk brings!


The Anatomy Of A Walk  | The Gym

Daily Workout  |  Roses Inspire

Click through to see a great way to do a quick at-home workout each day.  Print and hang in where you will see it often.


9. Remember supplements daily.

My Favorite Vitamin Strip | New Nostalgia

I can’t tell you how much I love my Shaklee!  I took these supplements all through cancer treatment and surgeries.  I know they are key to helping me heal and feel my best.  Added perk?  My nails grow so long and strong when I am taking them faithfully.

Best Vitamins For Kids | New Nostalgia

There is nothing better than knowing my kids are getting quality supplements.  These are our favorite brand.  No nasty fillers, artificial colors or sweeteners.


10. Practice detox tips.

5 Reasons To Dry Brush Your Skin | New Nostalgia

Takes minutes, feels great, exfoliates & gets the lymph system moving at the same time.  Do before every shower.

Benefits Of Rebounding | Extreme Health Radio

Who knew a simple rebounder could be so powerful? I guess Richard Simmons knows best after all.

Detox Green Smoothie | New Nostalgia

So fresh tasting.  My digestion is never better than when I am drinking green smoothies on a regular basis.

11. Review Food Rules.

19 Favorite Food Rules | New Nostalgia

These are a great go-to as a quick reminder of ideal eating.


What about you? How do you do during the holidays? Have any tips for getting motivated to get back on the healthy wagon?

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