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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
I love social media.  I love how it connects people and how it can make a difference in all kinds of issues, big or small.

When I read about Social Power,  it really made me smile. It is a platform that gathers the power of social media to resolve issues.  I liked how it focused on issues that effect our everyday lives and gives an easy-to-use platform to voice those issues through photos, feelings, thoughts and ideas.  
It uses the power-of-the-people to create change.  As individual people, our hands are tied, and we are limited.  As a collective group, our hands are linked, and we are powerful.
I watched the video below, and was intrigued by the idea of simply throwing out an issue that is effecting my everyday life, and seeing if it anyone else shares the same concern.  
Social Power is for issues that are important, but for the REALLY important issues, like world peace, human trafficking and world hunger, you would want to use Change.org, not Social Power.
Social Power is a great way to send your opinion and voice on to your favorite retailers, or just get an idea that is in your head out into the vast internet world.  You may just be surprised with how many share your thinking!  
Once you get your issue on Social Power, they help raise awareness for it in their social network, while you do the same in yours.
When 1,000 people agree with your issue and give it a thumbs up, Social Power turns that issue into an initiative.  Every initiative is potentially resolvable, and there will always be a person, board, or governing body capable of creating a resolution.  Once an acceptable resolution is proposed, it is offered back to the Social Power user base., which usually comes in the form of a price reduction, a better product, service or experience.
Want to get in on some of this Social Power?  Yeah, so did I.  I think the issue that came to my mind just might make you smile.  It is so typical of me to care about this particular issue, especially when I spend my life as a blogger in coffee shops! 
Social Power Starbucks Almond Milk
I petitioned Starbucks to offer another milk alternative other than soy.  I specifically asked for almond milk.  Now, I get this is not going to save lives, but it just might make the day of another person who has a dairy intolerance, or who are unable to drink soy milk (many breast cancer survivors are told by their doctors to stay away from soy).  I have 2 local coffee shops that offer almond milk which makes me very happy, but limits the places I can frequent.  I really notice the lack of alternatives at Starbucks when we travel.  I get so excited about the idea of a fun frothy drink while on vacation,  then I get so disappointed when I remember there is not a milk alternative suitable for my needs.
Social Power Trending
Maybe, just maybe I can make a difference on Social Power.  I would love for you to help champion my issue by going to the Social Power website and giving it a thumbs up, and by sharing it via your social networks.  I would LOVE to know what your issue would be.  Please let me know if you sign up for Social Power and if I like your issue, YOU BET I will use my social media power to back you up!

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