Ways To Follow New Nostalgia Once Google Friend Connect Is Gone

Friends, did you know that in the very near future, Google Friend Connect is going to discontinue use for all non-Blogger blogs!

But what does this have to do with New Nostalgia, considering this is a Blogger-based blog?!
Beginning March 1, 2012 any non-Blogger blogs won’t be able to use Google Friend Connect as a way of connecting with blog followers. And if  ever decide to join the ranks of the countless other blogs out there not hosted by Blogger, (which may be happening soon!) I’ll lose the ability to connect with you all as well!
Because of this, I will be removing the google friend connect button from the sidebar. I wanted to share with you some alternate ways of connecting with me and with the rest of the New Nostalgia community. If you were part of the almost 2,000 followers on Google connect, please keep our connection up and explore alternative ways, for I will miss you!
Here is a comprehensive list of the ways you can keep up with me and with New Nostalgia:
  • RSS feed (this will let you read New Nostalgia through Google Reader, along with a variety of other options including e-mail)
  • Subscribe via e-mail directly (there’s a link in the sidebar)
  • Blog Lovin’
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Whew! That’s a lot of different ways to connect


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