Trick Or Treat?

My husband and I just got back from a trip out of town.  When we leave our girls, we always try to bring them a little something back.  This time, they got quite the gift.  I was in the airport in Cincinnati, and came upon these creepy candy treats-Scorpion Suckers!

I had to buy them. My girls love being grossed out, and I knew they would be fascinated by these suckers.  I knew it was a complete waste of money, since they wouldn’t eat them, but that was all part of the plan! Quite a creative way to cut down the sugar, if I do say so myself.  How’s that for tricking with a treat?  Sure enough, after all the squeeling and “ew, gross!” settled down, they bravely took a few licks and then decided to save them to “show their friends.”  My youngest did lick enough for the scorpion tail to stick out the bottom.  Yuck!  Who thinks of these things, and what kind of mom actually buys them?!?:)

While we are on the subject of creepy candy, I have to share these Chocolate Human Skulls. (see what you can stumble upon when you read as many blogs as I do?)  These take it to a whole different level. They are made from molds cast from real human skulls, made available in your choice of chocolates, including “bone chocolate” “delicious blend of Belgian milk and white chocolates” resembling the color or freshly cleaned human bones.  That is just WRONG!  I will NOT be purchasing these.  So creepy!

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