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My Healthy Morning Beauty Routine

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine

My Healthy Morning Beauty Routine

I am slowly but surely making an effort at using more natural beauty products, and have gotten into a pretty good healthy morning beauty routine. I’ve been doing great with healthy cleaning products for a few year now, but I think being a licensed stylist has made it harder to give up all the fun beauty products that are out there.

The solution?

Find some natural beauty products that also know how to have some fun!  I am a sucker for good scents, great packaging, & beautiful products, and have found some that I adore and are now part of my mornings.


Portable Wireless Speaker

Beauty comes from within, so I of course have to start with a product that is not technically a beauty product, but it helps makes my insides shine.  I love music, and I find there is nothing like it that can light up my countenance, wake me up even on a dreary morning, and help me to have a beauty-filled day. I have a playlist specifically for mornings, with songs that remind me that each and every day is a gift. I use my 808 Hex NRG Portable Wireless Speaker as a fun way to wake up!

My iPhone

Not only does my phone stream music to my portable speaker, but it has all of my inspiration apps, my favorite of which is the YouVersion Bible app.  This brings true beauty.  I love taking a few moments at the beginning of each day to get my mind and heart in the right place, in order to handle whatever details that come my way that day.

Speaking of handling details:

If you look closely at the photo of my phone below, you will see that one of my “beauties” were texting me from school, right as I was trying to take photos for this post. She forgot to take her tennis shoes for PE–“the black ones” and was asking me if I would bring them. Right as I pushed the shutter button on my camera, my phone switched on with her messages, capturing a working Mom moment. Good thing I already had my coffee & was ready for what the day would bring.

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine with Boka

Coffee K-Cup Scrub

I have one cup of organic black coffee every morning as part of my routine.  It gives me antioxidants for my insides, and lately I’ve been using some of the coffee grounds left over in the K-Cup as a quick facial scrub for my outsides! I simply put about a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in the palm of my hand, sprinkle some coffee grounds from my used organic coffee K-Cup, and rub it all over my face.  It feels wonderful, as the grounds exfoliate & the coconut oil provides moisture.  I don’t do this every morning, & it is a bit messy, but oh so worth it! My skin feels incredibly soft after my coffee K-Cup Scrub.

Natural Face Soap

I buy my face soap from a local soap maker.  It uses all pure ingredients and does not dry my face out. I use this after my coffee scrub, as it takes excess oil off & leaves my face ready for makeup.

Foundation Makeup

I have yet to switch all my makeup out for natural products, but I have switched to a more natural foundation. I figure that it coats and covers my face, so it is the most important one to start with.

Lip Balm

It makes sense to keep whatever you put on your lips as toxin free as possible.  I use a lip balm from my local health food store that has beeswax, coconut oil, aloe & a few other super great ingredients.


This one was hard for me, as it is next to impossible to find a natural deodorant that works well.  That is because most of them do not contain an antiperspirant. I do not use natural deodorant 100% of the time, but on days I know I won’t be sweating too much, natural is my choice.

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine with Boka

Boka Dental Hygiene Products

If products that go ON your mouth, like lip balm, should be natural, how much more important is it for the products that actually go IN you mouth to be natural?  Boka to the rescue! Boka is the one and only subscription box for the health of your mouth! Boka provides natural oral care products, delivered to your door, every 3 months.

Here are some of the products they provide & that I have fallen hard for:


Did you know you floss first? It removes particles between your teeth that a brush cannot reach. Boka floss is coated in a natural beeswax, and is Teflon-free & petroleum free. It is a super comfortable floss to use.

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine with Boka


The Boka toothbrush stole my heart the minute I opened my beautiful subscription box. They are so pretty & come in Mint, Tangerine, Blueberry & Corral.  I have wanted someone in the toothbrush industry to step up and make some pretty brushes, and not only did Boka make them pretty but they are also quality brushes– gentle, durable, and tapered to fit just right along the gum line. My favorite part? They are made with Binchotan activated charcoal bristles, which naturally helps prevent bacteria from growing on your brush. Are you an electric toothbrush user? No worries, Boka has electric toothbrush heads, too!


I switched to a natural toothpaste a few years ago after my cancer diagnosis, when I got serious about cutting as many chemicals as possible.  Boka wins in my book, especially in taste, hands down, due to essential oils of peppermint and mint. What it does not contain makes me very happy — no sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), fluoride, triclosan, artificial flavors or parabens.

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine with Boka

Cocorinse Mouth Wash

I saved the best for last. Boka’s Cocorinse mouthwash. This is so NOT your typical mouth wash, as it is used BEFORE you floss and brush, and has no yucky artificial ingredients. It is the Boka product that I am most excited about. The main ingredient is organic coconut oil.

Have you heard of oil pulling? It is an ancient Ayuverdic technique that has been developing some serious scientific clout for its ability to remove bacteria from your mouth.  I have done oil pulling with organic coconut oil before, but Boka makes so much better by adding minty oils to make it taste good. They have made it super convenient with their cute little packets that you simply warm with your hands, squeeze in your mouth & swish for 10-20 minutes, then spit out in the trash. These little packets contain just 3 ingredients; Organic coconut oil, organic peppermint oil, and organic Spearmint oil. I am a huge believer in this practice, as my teeth feel super smooth & definitely look whiter after swishing daily for about a week.

Healthy Morning Beauty Routine with Boka


Are you interested in an oral care subscription box? Would you like the convenience of having your products delivered right to your door in that cute little? Boka Box is a great way to simplify life and have one less thing to worry about. Remember, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and can buy individual products, with no obligation. You can sign up right now using this special discount code: NEWNOSTALGIA25, for 25% off any purchase (no limits, any product, subscription, or gift set. Valid through March 1, 2016-April 15, 2016.  Cannot be combined with other offers, cannot be used by the same individual more than once.)

A collection of natural beauty products

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What about you?

What are some of your healthy morning beauty routines?

Have you tried oil-pulling?

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