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Introducing Recipage at New Nostalgia

We are excited to introduce Recipage here at New Nostalgia!  Recipage is a page that you can access by the tab above, marked by the arrow.  We wanted to make finding a recipe here at New Nostalgia as easy as possible for our readers, and Recipage is a way to do just that!
When you hit the Recipage tab, it will take you to a page that looks like the one above.  There will be a featured recipe slideshow, the most recently added recipes below that, and an area to search using keywords for recipes.  It will also list some most popular keywords.

As you scroll a bit further down the page, you will see my favorite area.  There are 4 tabs that allow you to search for recipes in 4 different ways: Cooking Method, Course, Dietary & Key Ingredient.
My favorite tab is the ‘Course’ tab.  When you hit this tab, it will give you the names of different courses. I choose ‘snack’ (of course.)  The above pic is what the snack course looks like visually.  It has all of the recipes on New Nostalgia that are tagged as ‘snacks.’  Nifty, huh?
The last way it allows you to browse is alphabetically.  To find this area, you just scroll down and it is at the bottom of the main Recipage.
We hope you like what you see, and we hope that this will make using our site easier and more enjoyable for you!